About Us

While most of the world knows Japan for its colorful contrast of modernity and tradition, there is yet another more introspective side to this fascinating country – a quieter side, where the people are still connected to the land, its harvest and ancient belief systems. This road less traveled leads to a wellspring of the nation’s core beliefs and values, to rural and coastal communities in the heartland of Japan.

To truly understand Japan you must experience this quieter place, where you can feel the sea breezes of summer as the fisherman bring in their hauls. Where you can enjoy crisp frosty mornings while watching rice milling machines spit out perfectly white grains. Where you can the smell freshly turned earth during the daikon harvest, or listen to the bubbling of fish in nuanced sauces in generation-old kitchen hearths. Welcome to the nation’s bread basket, its heartland!

Our goal is to help non-Japanese visitors discover these hidden tourism assets in Japan’s regional areas. We open up Japan’s beautiful and bucolic countryside with such tools as digital information, fulfillment technology, unique tours, interesting activities and improved physical access. In so doing, we hope to reinvigorate Japan’s local economies, improve cultural exchange and internationalization, and create centers of tourism excellence that will serve as models for other countryside communities as well.