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 ~Your Ultimate Adventure Destination in Japan!

The best way to see true Japan is to get out of the major cities. Go to the places where people live a simpler, traditional way of life, away from established tourism. For this, Ina Valley is the perfect destination. The Ina Valley runs parallel to the Kiso Valley, which is internationally renowned among hikers for the historical Nakasendo Road. The two valleys are like “mother and child.” A unique culture has been nurtured there. The unique terrain makes it an ideal place for adventure. The Ina Valley, nestled between two ranges of the Japanese Alps, will be your ultimate adventure destination in Japan!”

  • Agent Name: Nagano Ina Valley Tourism Bureau (NIVTB)
  • License Number: Registered Travel Agency, Area Limited 618
  • Contact Person: Ms. Yuki Takita
  • Email: k-dmo@union-kamiina.jp
  • URL: https://www.inadanikankou.jp/en/
  • Tel: +81-265-98-8451 / FAX: +81-265-73-5867
  • Address: Inasse 3F, Arai 3500-1, Ina City, Nagano Pref., Japan (Postal Code: 396-0025)

Our Passion

The Ina Valley is said to be the widest in all of Japan. It sits between two alpine mountain ranges, the Central Alps and the Southern Alps. These mountains are home to some of the highest peaks in Japan. Running through the basin of the Ina Valley is the Tenryu River. Tenryu literally means heavenly dragon. The fast-flowing, meandering river looks like a dragon ascending to the heavens.


Deeply connected to the popular hiking destination of the Nakasendo Trail in the Kiso Valley, we at the Nagano Ina Valley Tourism Bureau (NIVTB) would like to welcome you to the Ina Valley, your ultimate adventure destination in Japan. Our diverse, unique experience-based activity program is an opportunity for you to see a side of Japan that you can’t find in guide books. These authentic experiences are created by deeply rooted local people and based around our unique culture.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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