Jimmu Temple and Mt Takatori

Stretch your legs on this easy to moderate hike on Kanagawa’s Miura Peninsula. Explore the grounds of Jimmu Temple, which allegedly dates back to the 8th century.  View local landmarks from the heights of Mt Takatori and ‘discover’ a unique Buddha statue hidden along the trail.

Excursion Details:

  • ¥9000 (includes 10% sales tax, snack, services of a cultural specialist). Not included: lunch, train fare to and from the Zushi area (approx. ¥1600)
  • 3-8 participants, ages 18 and older
  • Excursion held in good weather only
  • The route will include 2-2.5 hours of easy-moderate hiking with some minor rock scrambling involved
  • Tour leaves from and returns to Shimbashi Station
  • Led by Mandy Bartok

Questions? Email excursions@heartlandjapan.com








Oct 01 2021


Tour lasts approx 6.5 hours
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM




Kanagawa Prefecture - Mt Takatori
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