Heights of Kamakura Hike

A hidden shrine, a wild bamboo forest, a ridgeline path and views of Mt Fuji (in good weather) are all to be enjoyed on this trail connecting Kamakura to Yokohama. Note: This hike does NOT follow any of the well-known Kamakura trails (ie Daibutsu, Ten’en, or Gionyama).

Excursion Details:

  • ¥9000 (includes 10% sales tax and services of a hiking guide/cultural specialist); does not include lunch or train fare to and from the hike (approx ¥1650 roundtrip)
  • Hike will be cancelled in the event of rain.
  • 3-8 participants, ages 18 and older.
  • As this is a hiking excursion, participants should be prepared to cover 8-10km of varied terrain (paved road, forest path) over the course of 3 hours
  • Excursion leaves from and returns to Shimbashi Station

Questions? Email excursions@heartlandjapan.com 




Oct 29 2021


Tour lasts approx 6.5-7 hours
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM




Kanagawa Prefecture - Kamakura
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