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〜Blessings of the mountains and traditional village life〜

Yaeji Hananotei satoyama landscape experience tour

Fitness Level: ★☆☆☆☆
Skill Level: ★☆☆☆☆

Price: From ¥7,100~

~To tourists considering travel to Kamikatsu ~
Kamikatsu is a small town with a population of under 1500. In 2003, the town made " The Zero Waste Declaration" with aim of producing no garbage. Heartland Japan introduces this trip to Kamikatsu and numerous "Kamikatsu A-ha! Experiences", exclusively to responsible travelers with a mind to "experience Kamikatsu as it is and to learn about and enjoy the town through the trip.

Yaeji settlement is located in the outback of Kamikatsu. Here, a nostalgic Japanese landscape spreads out in its original state. Beautiful terraced rice paddies cover the mountainsides, with the sound of water flowing alongside rice paddies. In the evening, smoke ascends from houses as they heat their baths in the traditional way, with firewood, allowing visitors to feel the unchanged lifestyle of the people there. The Hanano house, a house with a thatched roof built on high ground with terraced rice paddies below, is a precious old folk house restored with local materials and local skills, that have been handed down for generations. Relaxing together around an irori hearth, guests can enjoy interacting with the people who have been working to preserve this settlement and grind coffee beans with a stone mill, or toast rice cakes. Or, guests are recommended simply to enjoy relaxing as they sit out on the engawa garden porch, gazing across at the terraced rice paddies while doing nothing particular at all.
Enjoy a slow and heart-warming time at Yaeji settlement.

■Number of participants(Min./Max.)

■Target Age
No age limit, School children (6~12 years old): half price, Adult rates: from 6-7th grade

2 hours

■What is included
►Guide Fees
►Interpreter Fees
►Fees for using the facility
►Cost of the experience
►Cost for coffee, tea, and snacks
►Breakfast (0), Lunch (0), Dinner (0)
►Transportation costs of the experience

■What is NOT included
►Insurance(Please arrange travel insurance in your own country.)
►Other items not listed in "What is included in this program"
►International remittance and transfer fees for application, making alterations, or cancellation of this tour will be at the customer's expense.

■What you need to bring, what to wear, etc.
►Clothes that are easy to move in, and that you can get dirty in (because of the smoke and ash of the irori hearth).
►Comfortable walking shoes

〜Responsible tourism〜
【About Kamikatsu】
1. Meal
・The number of eateries is limited, so advance booking is necessary.
・In order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infections, some shops are either closed or operating with shortened business hours.
・There is no convenience store or supermarket in the town.
2. Transportation
If customers apply only for the experience, they will have to arrange the transportation to the site by themselves.
・ From Tokushima Station: Approx.1 hour by car, 1.5 hours by bus
・ As the number of buses operating is limited, other transportation such as volunteer taxis are convenient. (Requires registration and booking in advance.) If you wish to book the experience and the transportation as a set, please inquire to Heartland Japan.
3. Responsibilities as travelers
When visiting Kamikatsu, please double check your travel gear, and as a zero-waste traveler, take the actions required to not have to dispose of garbage.
・Prepare to bring reusable water bottles, chopsticks, etc.
・When having meals, consider the amount you eat so as to minimize leftover food as much as possible.
Choose Heartland Japan for a special Kamikatsu-stay plan exclusively for you.
Inquiries: info@heatlandjapan.com

■Customer Feedback
►I was able to relax in a slow lifestyle of the Japanese countryside while enjoying the view and atmosphere of a thatched roof house.
►Although access was not so easy, the great scenery and a special experience were waiting there for us!


►From a folk house with a thatched roof, enjoy seeing the beautiful terraced rice paddies of Yaeji, which haven't changed since times of old.
►You can also choose to unwind and enjoy a luxurious time of "doing nothing", as it is a place where time flows along slowly.
►It is hard work grinding coffee beans with a stone mill. Using old tools, guests are able to experience the daily life of old Japan.