Why Choose Heartland JAPAN

Your key to unlocking all that hidden Japan has to offer.

At Heartland JAPAN, we believe that travel is a journey in which authentic cultural experiences lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of a country. Such cross-cultural experiences can be enriching, even life-changing.

In order to gain a more insightful understanding of Japan, not only is it crucial to visit the popularised destinations found in all the guidebooks but it is also desirable to visit the myriad of culturally and historically rich regions across Japan that are not so commonly known. It is only by taking the time to see these beautiful villages with remnants of the past, by walking through exquisite natural landscapes, and by catching a glimpse of the lifestyle and customs of locals that the true nature of Japan begins to take shape. It is through such in-depth experiences that travel can become an inspirational medium that has the power to enrich lives.

Our goal is to create an unforgettable cross-cultural experience that brings light to the essence of Japan. We hope to realise this by providing tours to the real, untouched Japan: providing an opportunity for dialogue with locals, walking historic and natural trails, taking part in hands-on cultural activities and learning about local history.

Key Components of a Heartland JAPAN Tour

1. Outdoor activities

Get in touch with nature

Walk, hike, canoe and cycle through Japan’s natural landscapes and historic trails.

2. Cultural enlightenment

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity 

Learn about Japanese culture, history and religion to satisfy your intellectual curiosity with a highly qualified bilingual guide.

3. Meet locals

Cultural exchange

Meet locals and hear their stories. Perhaps our most important feature in all our tours is the connections you can make with locals and your guide. Enjoy meeting musicians and performers, craftsmen, sake brewers and more.

What Does ‘Luxury’ Mean to Us?

We classify ourselves as ‘luxury adventure’ specialists. But what do we mean by that?

In short, spiritual fulfilment. What we mean by luxury is not simply the gaining of material ‘things’ – something that anyone with dispensable money can obtain – but rather a rare and unique experience that has the potential to be spiritually fulfilling, life-changing. By immersing yourself in a completely different culture, you have the opportunity to reassess your own values and create new ones. We believe that this is the true definition of ‘luxury’.

For those that empathise with this redefined value of luxury travel, we can assure you that you will have a highly rewarding experience.

We also value comfort. In order to counterbalance the infrequency and irregularity of public transport in regional areas, we always travel by chartered taxi or charter bus to ensure comfortable and smooth transfers. We also ensure that all accommodations provide cleanliness and privacy in a primarily traditional Japanese setting.

It is with these values that we define our services at Heartland JAPAN as luxury adventure travel.

Social Significance

Why we do what we do

One of the key reasons why we launched Heartland JAPAN is to help and economically stimulate rural communities. Rural towns and villages have been hit hardest by the declining population and urbanisation. As a result, many communities across the country are suffering not only economically but also culturally, with no one to continue preserving traditions and customs. We therefore hope to help revive these towns and villages through tourism. By bringing foreign travellers to these areas, local communities will be able to regain pride and thrive once more.