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~Feel the coexistence of humans with nature in this remote moss-land~

Mt. Yamainudake Trekking Tour

Fitness Level: ★★★☆☆
Skill Level: ★★★☆☆

Price: From ¥12,600~

~To tourists considering travel to Kamikatsu ~
Kamikatsu is a small town with a population of under 1500. In 2003, the town made " The Zero Waste Declaration" with aim of producing no garbage. Heartland Japan introduces this trip to Kamikatsu and numerous "Kamikatsu A-ha! Experiences", exclusively to responsible travelers with a mind to "experience Kamikatsu as it is and to learn about and enjoy the town through the trip.

On "Mt. Yamainudake", which was named after its shape looking as if were a Japanese wolf (or a wild dog) with its mouth agape, there is peat moss forest, one of the largest in Japan, with groups of giant rocks, creating a mystical atmosphere. It was once a training area for Shugendo (an ascetic practice), and one of the highlights of this tour are the stone Buddha statues dotted across the mossy valley, being a part of the "Mini Shikoku 88 Pilgrim Spots". Entering the mountain, there are ruins of settlements and the many beautiful terraced rice paddies are spread right through up to the trailhead. Guests are able to feel the coexistence of the people of Kamikatsu with nature in this mystical area.
After thoroughly enjoying nature, relax with lunch featuring locally produced food and the hot spring at Tsukigatani Hot springs. This is a trekking tour in which guests, with all five senses, are able to enjoy the attractions of Kamikatsu.

■Number of participants(Min./Max.)

■Target Age
No age limit, School children (6~12 years old): half price, Adult rates: from 6-7th grade

4 - 4.5 hours

■What is included
►Guide Fees
►Interpreter Fees
►Cost of the experience (trekking and yoga)
►Breakfast (0), Lunch (1), Dinner (0)
►Transportation costs of the experience

■What is NOT included
►Insurance(Please arrange travel insurance in your own country.)
►Other items not listed in "What is included in this program"
►International remittance and transfer fees for application, making alterations, or cancellation of this tour will be at the customer's expense.

■What you need to bring, what to wear, etc.
►Insurance Certificate
►Drinks, water etc. (water bottle)
►Clothes that are easy to move in.
►Trekking shoes
►Rain gear
►Sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. (Depending on the season, measures against heat stroke and cold must be taken.)
Masks must be worn on the bus.
►Towel (for bathing)

〜Responsible tourism〜
【About Kamikatsu】
1. Meal
・The number of eateries is limited, so advance booking is necessary.
・In order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infections, some shops are either closed or operating with shortened business hours.
・There is no convenience store or supermarket in the town.
2. Transportation
If customers apply only for the experience, they will have to arrange the transportation to the site by themselves.
・ From Tokushima Station: Approx.1 hour by car, 1.5 hours by bus
・ As the number of buses operating is limited, other transportation such as volunteer taxis are convenient. (Requires registration and booking in advance.) If you wish to book the experience and the transportation as a set, please inquire to Heartland Japan.
3. Responsibilities as travelers
When visiting Kamikatsu, please double check your travel gear, and as a zero-waste traveler, take the actions required to not have to dispose of garbage.
・Prepare to bring reusable water bottles, chopsticks, etc.
・When having meals, consider the amount you eat so as to minimize leftover food as much as possible.
Choose Heartland Japan for a special Kamikatsu-stay plan exclusively for you.
Inquiries: info@heatlandjapan.com

■Customer Feedback
►The scenery from the summit of Kotohira was particularly beautiful, and the moss-covered valley was great.
►A recommendable tour where guests can experience mystical scenery, feel the Kamikatsu lifestyle, as well as enjoying the delicious food of Kamikatsu!


►Offering the natural beauty and exhilarating feel of a place famed for its moss.
►Follow the trace of the old life
►Relax and cool yourself down with forest yoga
►After trekking, refresh yourself with a lunch featuring locally produced food and in hot springs.


Time Contents
9:00 Gather for a briefing in the lobby of Tsukigatani Hot springs Tsukinoyado
9:10 Leave the hotel by car
9:30 Arrive at the Mt. Yamainudake trailhead and set out trekking
11:00 Finish trekking and cool down with some yoga.
11:30 Transfer by car
12:00 Special lunch served at Tsukigatani Hot springs Tsukinoyado
After lunch, free time, hot springs, etc.
13:30 End of the experience