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Your Journey to Japan's Heartland starts here.

Plan with us your Journey to the Heartland of Japan

Here at Heartland JAPAN, we are passionate about rural Japan and are excited to share this land’s unique and hidden cultures and customs with you. As locals we have a strong understanding of the regions in which we offer tours, and feel that this local knowledge will help you appreciate the spectacular sights that can only be found here. We warmly welcome you to the Heartland of Japan!

Deep into the Culture

There’s so much more to this country than just shrines, sushi and sumo. Discover Japan’s fascinating culture and traditions by taking part in hands-on experiences, exploring roads less-travelled and learning about the country from those who know it best: the locals. 


Every year millions of people visit Japan, but how many leave with a true understanding and appreciation of Japanese life? Spend time with local communities, make unforgettable memories and build special bonds that will last a lifetime.

Sustainable and sustaining

We’re passionate about the beautiful country that we call ‘home’, and love to help foster a sense of local pride within the communities that we work with. Our tours aren’t just enjoyable for visitors – they’re also beneficial for the people and locations that host them.

Your adventure starts here. Let us guide you!

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Japan’s Seasons

It’s often said that Japan is particularly noteworthy for its distinct and varied four seasons, each bringing a stark change in not only temperature and weather, but also in seasonal produce, flora and traditions as well. For this reason, the season during which you travel to Japan can have a

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Omotenashi – the Japanese concept for Hospitality, or

Japanese people are very proud of many things that come from their country, and the concept of ‘omotenashi’ is most certainly one of them.  The word 'Omotenashi' will welcome you since the very instant you land in Japan (Image: Photo-Ac) While ‘omotenashi’ may translate best as ‘hospitality’, its true meaning is

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Unexpected Items You Should Carry In Japan

Some holidays are easy to pack for. Two weeks of sun, sea and sand requires sun cream, sunglasses and a swimsuit. A winter break to a ski resort calls for gloves, thermal layers and waterproof clothing. A trip to Japan, however, can be a little bit difficult preparation-wise. Your clothing

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Matcha Green Tea

Have you heard of matcha? From cosmetics to frappuccinos and everything in between, the health benefits of Japan’s iconic green tea has helped it to become a firm favourite across the world.  Matcha leaf powder (Image: Photo-Ac) While matcha may be a new concept to you, the rich-green powder made from

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