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Introducing the best of Japan’s cultural and traditional heritage to the world through authentic, experience-focused travels.

Whether you’ve been to Japan a hundred times or only ever seen photos of it on Instagram, we can show you a side of the country that you never could have imagined.

Get in touch today and let us help you to explore a world of wonder, your way.

Our Mission

The rising global influence of Japanese pop culture and the futuristic appeal of Tokyo’s electronic, neon streets have catapulted Japan to new heights of popularity in recent years, with the streets of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka overflowing with excited tourists eager to visit the sites they’ve seen in their favourite films and on social media.

While the recent surge in foreign visitors has had a fantastic impact on the creation of jobs and new experiences across the most popular destinations in Japan, the rural, lesser-visited towns and villages that make up the Japanese countryside remain largely ignored. Lacking the bright lights and convenience of the big cities, these forgotten destinations have struggled to establish themselves as attractive locations worth visiting.

Here at Heartland JAPAN, we know that the best of Japan isn’t to be found on the bustling streets of Harajuku or under the bright lights of Shinjuku. For visitors interested in discovering the ‘real Japan’, we provide a range of package and custom tour services designed to introduce you to the most authentic, traditional experiences that this country has to offer.

Working closely with our friends and connections in rural communities across the country, we are able to offer our customers a unique opportunity to interact and integrate with locals not as a tourist, but as a friend and much-anticipated guest. Whether you long to spend a morning practicing zen meditation with a monk at a quiet, ancient temple or on a fishing boat hearing tales of the sea straight from the mouth of a fisherman who has lived them all, we strive to create unforgettable experiences that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.

Our Team

Keijiro Sawano

CEO & Founder

Mikiko Hayashi

Manager, Travel Consultant

Hide Ikehara

Farm Stay Director, Travel Consultant

Fumitaka Kaneki

Farm Stay Director, Travel Consultant

Noriko Ōshima

Travel Consultant

Akane Kanemoto

Travel Consultant

Hikaru Nishijima

Travel Consultant

Yumi Iemoto

Travel Consultant

Keiko Sawada

Travel Consultant

Nobuko Masuda

Travel Consultant & Product Development

Mami Okamoto

Travel Consultant

Yuuki Bando

Travel Consultant

Seiko Ohata

Travel Consultant

Sumiko Richardson Yamauchi

Travel Consultant

Pauline Kitamura

Customer service & Product Development

Michael King

Customer service & Product Development

Sandra Isaka

Intercultural Consultant & Japan Travel Specialist

Mandy Bartok

Travel Specialist and Guide

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