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Physical and Technical Level

Day1: E-bike ★★★☆☆ Distance: 13.69km、Elevation gain:275m E-bike cycling includes uphills and downhills, but the distance is not long, so guests can relaxedly ride while enjoying the mountain view. Day2: E-bike ★★☆☆☆ Distance:18Km~23.5km, Elevation gain:542/634m *These differ, depending on the location of the guest's accommodation. Hiking ★★★☆☆ Distance: 1.8km, Elevation gain:64m(Downhill:271m) It is a hike, walking from a farm along a gorge, which is mainly downhill. While enjoying the scenery, walking at an easy pace takes approximately 1.5 hours. It will be important to take sufficient care as there are many spots where stones are wet and slippery. Day3: Horse trekking ★★★☆☆ Distance: Depends on the course, Elevation gain: Depends on the course This 2-hour course has many ups and downs, as it goes along the straight Shingen Boumichi path, then continues on through woods. *The travel time and the course details may vary, depending on a participants' level.   Overview of the tour

The tour explores the history and culture of the area which coexists with the nature of Yatsugatake.  The tour visits the unique sites of Yatsugatake on eco-friendly e-bikes and while hiking, such as a Jomon period village from 5000 years ago, a military road constructed by samurai, Doryu Falls where you can appreciate the spectacle of abundant flowing spring water, and a restaurant featuring local vegetables grown in the sun and local pristine water.

Day 1: Have lunch featuring local vegetables from which you can savour the blessings of Yatsugatake, and visit the historic site of the Jomon people who once lived in the Yatsugatake Area 5000 years ago.  You&ll be able to experience fire-starting using the same method as people did 5000 years ago!  The tour content explores food and culture while enjoying beautiful mountain scenery on e-bikes.

Day 2: Kiyosato area was developed by people who were forced to leave their hometown due to the development of a dam.  As you hike along Kawamatagawa River, you can take in the pristine water which was especially precious to locals at the time of Kiyosato area's development. Then you'll enjoy a vegan bento lunchbox, prepared with the most carefully selected ingredients, at a place where you can view the scenery of mountains and farms.  After exploring around Kiyosato with e-bikes, refresh yourself with local craft beer freshly brewed using Yatsugatake's underground water and bathing in a natural hot spring!

Day 3: Yatsugatake's cool climate and nature is great for raising good horses.  Let's enjoy experiencing the elevation difference created by Yatsugatake (volcano) while horse trekking in Kobuchizawa which is known as a "horse town".  After the tour, an Italian-styled lunch will be served using locally grown ingredients which you can enjoy while looking out at the horses.


Number of participants in the tour:

Minimum: 2 / Maximum: 5


Implementation period:

From May to early November


What is included:

► Guide fee

► Interpreter fees

►Rental fees for e-bikes

►Admission fees of facilities visited on the tour

►Activity fees

►Accommodation fees (2 nights)

►Breakfast(2 days)・Lunch(3 days)・Dinner(2 days)

►Transportation fees from the beginning to the end of the tour 


What is NOT included:

►Insurance(Please arrange travel insurance in your own country.)

►Other items not listed in "What is included in this program"
(Bank fees will be at the customer's expense.)


Customer Feedback:

It was very interesting and attractive. The activities were great, and I was able to understand the real Jomon period. The curator was very knowledgeable, which made me want to hear more from him. I would like to come back again!

Day2: The Kawamatagawa River hiking (to Doryu Falls) was the highlight of the Kiyosato Tour. It was great. I enjoyed the lovely, fine waterfalls.

Day3: I was surprised that the horses trotted in the woods, but truly enjoyed the horse riding with the enthusiastic guide. The tour guide was very open and his nature will be loved by westerners!


- Enjoy lunch featuring vegetables grown in the Yatsugatake area, boasting a high rate of sunny weather and the abundant water of Yatsugatake.
- Fire was believed to give birth to new life. Start a fire in the same way as in the Jomon period, and experience the sustainable mind of the Jomon people.
- Guests can enjoy the mountain view from the train on the JR Koumi Line while travelling to the hotel.
- Guests can relieve the weariness of their journey in the hot spring water that flows directly from its source (Kiyosato Oka no Koen Park).
- Guests stay at a camping site where the nature of Yatsugatake can be directly felt (Kiyosato Oka no Koen Park).
- Enjoy a BBQ dinner featuring locally produced food (Kiyosato Oka no Koen Park).
- Enjoy abundant fresh vegetables from the hotel's own garden for dinner (Yatsugatake Grace Hotel)
- Enjoy the starry sky in clear mountain air to the narrative of a "star sommelier" (Yatsugatake Grace Hotel).
- Locally produced food and the local beer are available for dinner (Yatsugatake Grace Hotel)."

- Enjoy the view as it transitions from fields to mountains, to farms as you travel.
- In the morning, refresh yourself by exposing yourself to negative ions at Doryu Falls, where the spring water of Yatsugatake flows down.
- Enjoy a vegan restaurant's bento lunchbox featuring locally produced food items (brown rice balls or sandwiches)
- Cycling on an e-bike while you gaze upon Mt.Fuji, the Southern Alps and Yatsugatake in the background, which are known to be mountains of worship and sources of water and fire (volcanos).
- After cycling on an e-bike, raise a toast with craft beer, brewed using the underground water of Yatsugatake.
- In the evening, you can relax in the natural hot springs of Yatsugatake while gazing at the star-filled sky.
- Enjoy a western-style dinner using locally grown and produced food.
- Enjoy a cocktail-themed "nature", Suntory's vintage whiskey, and other local alcoholic beverages at the hotel's bar located on the first floor."

- Guests can relaxedly spend their time at the hotel until checkout and explore the museum (half price entry for hotel guests), and nearby spots freely.
- Guests will walk the Boumichi path which is understood to have been made by Takeda Shingen, a popular samurai lord whom every local knows of, and fully enjoy Yatsugatake's nature from the perspective of a samurai of the warring states period.
- If lucky, you will get to see wild animals of Yatsugatake up close.
- Experiencing the elevation difference created by Yatsugatake trekking on a horse!
- After trail riding, guests get to enjoy lunch prepared using locally grown ingredients while looking out at the horses."



11:52 Kobuchizawa Station  Meeting with the guide.
12:00-12:15 Pick up e-bikes, briefing, departure ※Deposit luggage to Akabou Courier (Luggage will be transported from the station and delivered to the guest's accommodation.)
12:15-12:25 Cycling(Station to the restaurant for lunch)2.1km
12:30-13:30 Lunch(Harvest Terrace Yatsugatake)
13:30-14:00 Cycling(Restaurant to Idojiri Archaeological Museum)6.7km   
14:00-15:45 Idojiri Archaeological Site and Museum
15:45-16:15 Cycling(Idojiri Archaeological Museum to Kobuchizawa Sta) 7.5km
16:20 Kobuchizawa Station   Return e-bikes
【Option1】16:26-16:49 JR Koumi Line(Kobuchizawa Sta - Kiyosato Sta)※Camping at Kiyosato Oka no Koen Park
【Option2】16:26-16:57 JR Koumi Line(Kobuchizawa Sta - Nobeyama Sta)※Yatsugatake Grace Hotel
Evening Dinner(Kiyosato Oka no Koen Park camping site)
Self-cooking style BBQ  by guests, featuring highland vegetables and locally produced food.※Local sakes and food for vegans etc are available at Kobuchizawa Station and Kobuchizawa Road Station.
Evening Dinner(Yatsugatake Grace Hotel)
Japanese-style course meals etc., featuring abundant highland vegetables grown in their own garden.
Evening The hot spring water of which the water flows directly from its source (camping site)/Kihouseki (a unique type of quartz) large public bath  (hotel).


8:15/9:00 Briefing at accommodation,  Departure 
※Deposit luggage to Akabou Courier (Luggage will be transported from the station and delivered to the guest's next accommodation.)
8:30/9:15-9:25 Cycling(Hotel - Seisen-ryo)3.7km/9.2km 
9:20-9:40 Strolling around Seisen-ryo
9:45-11:30 Hiking(Seisen-ryo→Doryu Falls→Doryu Falls Carpark)
11:35-11:50 Cycling (Doryu Falls Carpark → Local market) 3.5km
11:50-12:05 Shopping(at a local market)
12:10-12:20 Cycling (Local market - Organic café Gopan)1.4km
12:20-12:30 Pick up bento lunchbox ※Have lunch at the restaurant in the case of rain.
12:30-14:00 Cycling(Organic café Gopan→Picnic lunch→Moegi no Mura)9km Possible lunch locations: Makiba Park/Observation Platform, etc.
14:00-14:10 Return e-bikes
14:10-15:10 Strolling in Moegi no Mura (beer at Rock restaurant, visit of pioneers' graves, shopping)
15:15-15:30 Transfer(Rock - Kiyosato Sta)
15:44-16:06 Transfer(Kiyosato Sta - Kobuchizawa Sta)
16:10 Pick up and transfer to hotel by hotel vehicle
16:20 Lodge Keyspring Yatsugatake Hotel
17:30/19:30 Western-style dinner(at Country Restaurant Keyspring)
Evening Private hot springs available 24 hours(Spa)
Nakamura Whiskey Saloon(Bar located on the first floor of Hotel Keyforest Hokuto, adjacent to Lodge Keyspring)


10:30 Leave Hotel Keyforest Hokuto / Lodge Keyspring Yatsugatake ※Guests deposit luggage at the reception desk.
10:35-10:50 Walk from the hotel to Yatsugatake Long Riding 850m 
11:00-13:30 Horse Trekking (Yatsugatake Long Riding)
13:35-15:00 Lunch(Trecavallo)※If guests are in a hurry, the takeout option is also available.
15:00-15:20 Transfer by taxi (Trecavallo-Hotel Keyforest Hokuto-Kobuchizawa Sta) Picks up guest's luggage from the hotel.
15:20-15:40 Souvenir shopping etc at Kobuchizawa Station
15:58-18:04 JR Chuo Main Line (Kobuchizawa Sta - Shinjuku Sta)