Month: December 2019

Glowing Customer Review: Jane Estrella

Check out this glowing review that we recently received from one of our customers, Jane Estrella, who travelled around Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture with her husband on one of our custom tours!

Traditional Fujiko Cuisine Tasting Experience Featured on TV!

On Thursday, December 12, NHK Kofu Broadcasting Station’s “News Kai DOKI”, the local news program for the Yamanashi Prefecture, broadcast a special program looking at cuisine traditionally created by ‘Oshi’, the inn-keepers who cared for Fujiko worshippers during their pilgrimage climbs of Mount Fuji. Fujiko is the name of a religious group of people who …

Traditional Fujiko Cuisine Tasting Experience Featured on TV! Read More »

Heartland JAPAN on TV

The Shimane Peninsula Cycling Adventure Project Has Begun!

Through our goal and concept of ‘sharing our hometown with the world’, Heartland JAPAN are working to re-examine rural locations such as Shimane Peninsula from a global perspective, seeking out experiences and activities that can be commercialized as tour products and finding ways to encourage foreign visitors and take in foreign money.

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