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Across the Heartland of Japan

 Your Ultimate Adventure Destination in Japan!

The best way to see true Japan is to get out of the major cities. Go to the places where people live a simpler, traditional way of life, away from established tourism. For this, Ina Valley is the perfect destination. The Ina Valley runs parallel to the Kiso Valley, which is internationally renowned among hikers for the historical Nakasendo Road. The two valleys are like “mother and child.” A unique culture has been nurtured there. The unique terrain makes it an ideal place for adventure. The Ina Valley, nestled between two ranges of the Japanese Alps, will be your ultimate adventure destination in Japan!”

Unravel One Thousand Years of Memories. A Completely Undiscovered Japan

In northern Oita Prefecture, there are eight municipalities with a rich history spanning over 1,000 years. The region’s history, which encompasses ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the present day, has shaped modern Japan and is deeply rooted in its culture. The journey begins at the Usa Shrine, where Buddhism and Shinto religions merged 1,300 years ago, creating a unique cultural blend found nowhere else in the world. This fusion, known as the Rokugo Manzan culture, continues to endure and is passed down through generations

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