An Izakaya Crawl in Ina City

3 hours


Price: ¥ 15,000 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Nagano / Nagano

3 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • This izakaya crawl stops at three stores in Ina City. Your local guide will select spots that are deep and difficult to enter,
    each with a different unique character and host.
  • Get to know the owners working at the bar and the regulars with whom you will share a drink.
  • Dishes are left to the izakaya to decide. Enjoy the small dishes, local specialties, and seasonal ingredients.
    bring the Ina Valley to life. Oh, and don’t forget to try the local sake!


Ina City, the northern capital of the Ina Valley, is a picturesque mountain town known for its incredible views of the Japanese Alps and its friendly locals. It also has another, rather lofty claim to fame: Ina City is said to have the 2nd highest ratio of drinking spots to people in the whole country just after the megacity of Osaka. While the origins of this claim are old and remain somewhat murky, one thing cannot be denied: for a rural town, Ina City is absolutely bursting with an incredible number of tiny, deep, character-filled drinking holes, run by some of the friendliest hosts you could ever wish for.

On this uniquely local izakaya crawl, your guide will take you out on the town in Ina City. You will visit a total of three different stores, most of which are intimidating to enter from the outside, but once you do
you’ll feel right at home! Up to two drinks per izakaya and a limited amount of food is included in the price. One of the most interesting aspects of the tour is the unique, sometimes exotic, local food and drink that you may encounter in Ina City. Here are a few examples: zazamushi (river insects), otaguri (stewed horse intestine), and romen (Ina City’s unique noodle dish served with mutton). Don’t worry!

We won’t order something that you don’t want to eat. These dishes simply demonstrate the uniqueness
of this isolated mountain valley and provide an opportunity for your guide to tell you the stories that

Activity Level

  • A small amount of flat city walking in Ina City.

Technical Level

  • No skills are necessary but a brave heart and adventurous spirit will take you a long way!

Price Per Person

18,000JPY for 4~6ppl
15,000JPY for 7~8ppl
(Please contact us requests for 1 to 2 persons.)

Clothing/Wha to bring

  • A limited amount of food and drink in each izakaya is included in the price. If you wish to place an additional order you will be required to pay for it, so please bring cash.

Included in the fee

  • English-speaking guide fee
  • Food & drink (up to 2 drinks per izakaya and several small dishes
    from each store’s omakase menu are included).
  • For additional orders, the customer will pay in cash.

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to/from the meeting point
  • Insurance (please purchase travel insurance in your own country) Anything else not specified (The bank transaction fee shall be covered by the customer.)



Event Duration

About 3 hours

Distance / Elevation


Age / Height:

20 y/o and above

Meeting Point

Ina-shi Station
(On JR Iida Line)

Disbanding Point

Ina-shi Station
(On JR Iida Line)

Program Availability



4 – 8 people

Application Deadline

30 days in advance

Agent Name

Heartland Japan


Customers purchasing a day tour from us on the same day in the Ina Valley may receive a special discount on the price of this product. Please contact us for details.


Between 17:00 ~ 20:00
(Your itinerary can be arranged according to your request.)

Cancellation Policy

■ Fees in case of cancellation on behalf of the customer

  • 8 to 20 days prior 20%
  • 2 to 7 days prior 30%
  • Day before 40%
  • Same day/No show 100%

■ Cancellation at the discretion of the organizer

  • In the case of stormy or freezing weather, departure cancelation will be determined the day before and contact will be made only if the tour is canceled. In the case that the activity is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, no cancellation fee is required.
  • In the case of light rain, the tour will go ahead with waterproof gear.
  • After the tour begins, depending on the weather, we may have to change the route or cancel the tour. In this case, no refund will be given.
  • If the tour cannot continue after it has started due to bad weather, no refunds will be given.

Interested in our tour?
No second thoughts, contact us.

We have been having many requests from agents overseas, mentioning that they are trying to expand their destinations in/to Japan or they have already but need help creating the itineraries for their clients to keep up with the demand.

Heartland Japan has increased the number of staff to accommodate these requests. If you are hand-full and need some advice, we are here to help.

For more information about this experience program, We will coordinate with local suppliers on dates, prices, and details of the program. We will coordinate with local suppliers on dates, prices, and details of the program and provide the program to you.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to providing you with a unique and immersive experience in the region!

For this experience program, please inquire with our company each time. We will coordinate with local suppliers to arrange the schedule, fees, and detailed content for you. Please start by contacting us.

Look forward to a unique, immersive local experience!

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