Mt. Hakodate/Mt. Esan Hiking and the World Heritage JomonPrehistoric Sites Exploration

1 Nights 2 Days

May through November
(Mt. Esan impassable in winter)

Price ¥46,460 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish

2 Days, 1 night

Activity Level

Technical Level


Hakodate has been continually inhabited since 10,000 BCE. Unlike elsewhere in Japan, much of that history has survived, making it a unique place to experience ancient Japan at its rawest. Here you can travel through time from the Jomon period to the modern era. Feel the close relationship with nature and the forests that have long been hallmarks of Hakodate. Since ancient days, sensible
forestry practices have been a hallmark of the area and many locals acted as wardens to the majestic forests found here.

Gaze upon the enchanting Tsugaru straits, the traditional boundary between the main island and Hokkaido. Imagine how those ancient peoples navigated such treacherous waters to enable trade between cultures. Finally, at night, enjoy a relaxing dinner made with local ingredients and a hot spring to heal the tiredness of your long day. In the morning, enjoy a refreshing walk while looking at the vast ocean in front of the hotel.


・Take a 2.5 hour hike to the summit of Mt. Hakodate, which has amazing views of the city, while learning about the history and tales of Hokkaido.

・Delve deep into the life of the Ainu people, known as the indigenous people of Hokkaido at the Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples. The collections of historical crafts and good will connect you to their lifestyle and spiritual culture.

・Take a guided tour at two Jomon UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites with a Jomon expert who will take you deep into the Jomon world. What made the Jomon settle here and what prompted their artistic expressions?

・Experience Mt. Esan which has long been religiously relevant to
this area and is still revered today.


Day 1

11:30Reception at Hakodate Station (health check and consent form) Walk to Hakodate Ekimae street car station ( 3 mins)
11:57-12:04Take street car to Horaicho station
12:04‐15:15Walk from the Horaicho station to the mountain head of Mt. Hakodate (10 mins) Hiking Mt. Hakodate 3hr ※before departure, precautions will be explained.
15:15-15:30Walk to the the Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples
15:30-17:00Guided tour of the the Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples
17:00-18:00Charter taxi to hotel
18:00Check-in to Keipu Hotel
18:00Dinner (provided) Free Time after



Elevation gain

Mt. Hakodate Hiking(334m)


Mt. Hakodate Hiking: 3hours, Hakodate City Museum of
Northern Peoples 1.5hours


Hotel Keipu



Hiking course : Mt.Hakodate

Day 2

7:30Breakfast (provided)
8:00Hotel check-out and departure
8:20-8:30Hiking preparation, explanation, etc.
8:30-11:30Hike Mt. Esan
11:30-12:00Depart to lunch venue
12:00‐13:00Lunchtime (provided)
13:00‐13:20Depart by charter taxi to Ofune Heritage Site
13:20‐14:10Ofune Heritage Site tour
14:10‐14:30Depart by charter taxi
to Kakinoshima Heritage Site
14:30-16:30Kakinoshima Heritage Site tour
16:30-17:30Depart by charter taxi to Hakodate City center
17:30End of Tour at Hakodate station


Mt. Esan Hiking(2.9km / 1.8 miles)


Mt. Esan Hiking: 3hours, Ofune and Kakinoshima Heritage Sites 2hours and 50min

Elevation gain

Mt. Esan Hiking(618m)




Breakfast ,Lunch

Hiking course : Mt.Esan

What to Bring & What to Wear

・Comfortable clohtes suitable for hiking
・Shoes (sneakers are OK)


・Please follow the instructions of the guide.
・Collecting and taking out plants from Mt. Hakodate and Mt. Esan is prohibited.
・We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of valuables.
Please refer to attached page for descriptions for levels


What’s included

Experience fee, admission fee, guide fee, interpreter guide (English),
insurance * There is also a photography service.

Not Included

Bevarage,snacks,transportation to the meeting point

Number of participants(Min./Max.)


Starting point

Hakodate station

Finishing point

Hakodate station

Age Requirement


Height Requirement


Application Deadline

Inqury required

Cancellation Policy

・In case of customer cancellation

31 days prior25% of the reservation fee
15-30 days prior60% of the reservation fee
8-14 days prior80% of the reservation fee
7 days prior to no show100% of the reservation fee

・Full refund in case of cancellation due to weather.

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