Sake Themed Tour Hagi Furusato Cycling

5 hours

March ~ November

Price: ¥ 14,530
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Yamaguchi / Yamaguchi

5 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level

This sustainable journey takes you through the beautiful satoyama, exploring local lifestyles and traditional sake brewing. The guided cycling tour includes sake tasting, Japanese sake bread, amazake, and more, allowing you to leisurely enjoy the “Made in HAGI” story.

  • Guided Tour for Safety and Peace of Mind
    Enjoy a tour that allows you to “see,” “hear,” “touch,” and “taste.” Our guides will introduce you to the charm of the region through historical stories and the lush green rural roads and surrounding landscapes. Join us for a memorable experience.
  • Learn the Story of Sake Brewing from Scratch
    From cultivating sake rice to seeing the beautiful rice ears, we guide you through the process of brewing sake at the brewery. Learn about the production process from start to finish, the agricultural story of “Hagi,” and enjoy sake made in traditional breweries.
  • All Bikes are E-Bikes
    Ride comfortably on e-bikes that make even uphill rides easy. Suitable for women and children, with e-bikes available for taller riders (145 cm and above).

Price Per Person

14,530 JPY / 4 people
22,890 JPY / 2 people

Optional Fees

If transportation is needed, please call for a vehicle. It costs ¥3,000 one way from central Hagi to the meeting place.


  • Preferred age is 12 years and older, height 145 cm and above
  • The content listed is as of the end of March, Reiwa 3 (2021).
  • Items to prepare: Drinks, athletic shoes, comfortable clothing
  • Please avoid skirts, shorts, sandals, and shoes with heels.
  • The tour will proceed in light rain or cloudy weather. It will be canceled in case of heavy rain. In case of cancellation, you will be contacted by the day before.
  • We provide rainwear (tops and bottoms), but sizes are limited, so please be prepared.
  • Depending on the season and other factors, lunch may be provided as a bento. Additionally, the restaurant may change.

Included in the fee

  • English guide, bike rental
  • Helmet
  • Lunch

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to the meeting place



Food Culture Support

Vegetarian, Vegan

Event Duration

About 5 hours

Meeting Point

Yachiyo Brewery

Program Availability

October to December: Available on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
January to March: Available from the 1st to the end of the month


2 – 10 people

Application Deadline

7 days before the tour date

Agent Name

Liberta inc.


8:50Meet at Yachiyo Brewery (758-0305, 3306 Shimo Yoshibe, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)
9:15Cycling tour (visit sake rice fields, corn factory, agricultural experience, spring water spots, etc.)
11:30Lunch at Mutsumikitchenpapa
12:20Resume cycling tour (sake brewery visit)
Sake tasting at Yachiyo Brewery
13:30Disband at Yachiyo Brewery

Cancellation Policy

■ Fees in case of cancellation on behalf of the customer

  • 2 days before the tour start date: 20%
  • From the day before the tour start date: 50%.

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