Tailor Made Trips

– Customisable Trip Experience –

Your tailor-made adventure couldn’t be easier to design!  Simply get in touch with our trip planning experts who can help plan all aspects of your upcoming journey and answer any questions you may have.

1. What type of accommodation do you prefer?

We offer anything from Japanese inns (Ryokan), hotels, bed and breakfasts (Generally falls somewhere between the homey atmosphere of a minshuku and the more pampered amenities of a hotel), family operated Japanese-style bed and breakfasts (Minshuku).

2. Do you have any transportation preferences?

Depending on your destination, a wide variety of options are available (private cars, boats, flights, trains).

3. What types of excursions would you like to include in your trip?

We can most certainly assist with recommendations.  However, if you have any particular activities or hobbies you would like to incorporate into your trip, please let us know.

4. Would you prefer to have a tour guide?

Local guides are usually included in the booked excursions.  We can also help find additional tour guides per your preferences.

5. Meals

Meals are generally not included to allow you the freedom to discover local restaurants and markets.  However, we would be happy to help plan your meals based on your preferences.  Feel free to contact us about your tailor made adventure!

*School Trips

We also offer short-term study abroad experiences where you can learn about Japan’s history and culture, while experiencing traditional Japanese lifestyles.  You will be able to get a first hand look at how the locals in Japan live.  These experiences will help expand the participants’ culture knowledge and global awareness.  

Throughout this study abroad experience, participants will be exposed to cultural and social issues pertinent to particular areas in Japan.  They will strengthen their communication and problem-solving skills by participating in discussions about these cultural and social issues and their possible solutions.  Through this program, we hope to develop the future global leaders of the world!

Custom Tour Consultation Steps

1) Enquiry

2) Rough Itinerary and Estimate (free of charge)

3) Detailed Itinerary and Quotation (service fee charged*)

4) Booking Confirmation

*Following receipt of a rough Itinerary and Estimate, if you would like a detailed Itinerary and Quotation, the following service charges will be calculated:

1) Itinerary 2000JPY per trip day

2) Quotation 3000JPY per trip day

In the event that you proceed to booking, the service fee will be included in the overall trip cost.

In the event that you choose not to go ahead with the booking following receipt of a detailed Itinerary and Quotation, we reserve the right to change the above service fees.


Contact us about your tailor made adventure.

E-mail: info@heartlandjapan.com

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Tailor Made Trips
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