Japan’s third largest island, Kyushu, is situated southwest of Honshu and has a great cultural and historical significance. From the shrines and sacred island of Munakata Taisha in Fukuoka Prefecture to the Yayoi Period architectural site of Yoshinogari Park in Saga Prefecture and the Dutch-inspired amusements and attractions of Nagasaki, there’s plenty to learn about and explore on this picturesque and enchanting island.

Making your way through the rich greens of the subtropical Yakushima island in Kagoshima Prefecture or gazing up at the waterfalls of Miyazaki Prefecture’s mythological and enchanting town of Takachiho, it’s easy to understand why the beauty and wonders of Kyushu have inspired so many films and creative works throughout history, and as you take in the volcanic landscape of the Kuju Mountains in Oita, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled to a far, distant realm far from the stresses of reality.

Kyushu’s most famous volcano, Mount Aso, can be found in Kumamoto Prefecture. After taking the time to explore the landscape and marvel at the wonders that only nature can create, why not take a trip to the nearby Kurokawa Onsen to experience bathing in naturally-occurring volcanic hot spring water for yourself?

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