Setouchi Sustainable Nature Tour

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  • ★★☆☆☆

Setouchi Sustainable Nature Tour

6 Days

Talks and outdoor activities with people who are working hard to protect nature in the field of the Seto Inland Sea


The Setouchi(The Seto Inland Sea) is more a road than just a sea. As people came and went along this Setouchi as the “Sea Road” (Setouchi Coastal Highway), Japanese culture and history were born.  Upon this stage on which the history of Japan was made, everything about the culture can be found, from the most ancient times to the present day.

This is the “Setouchi” the way of the sea.

The road is shaped by nature and the way people live. It is a road shared by horseshoe crabs, black finless porpoise(Neophocaena phocaena), wild birds and even people.

Since time immemorial, Japan has been shaped by these roads. And the road continues to evolve. Along this road the sanctuaries of ‘history’, ‘art’ and ‘nature’ can be found now.
This is the “Setouchi” a microcosm of Japan.

Today, Setouchi is the most popular destination in Japan for its gentle sea, warm climate, and slow pace of life of the islanders.

This tour will allow you to enjoy Setouchi’s nature resources through outdoor activities. It is designed to talk and learn about sustainability in Japan, along with vendors of local experiences that seek to pass on the richness of nature to the next generation.


Ushimado, known as the “Japan’s Aegean Sea” is one of the two largest olive producing areas in Japan, as well as one of the few places in Japan where Sunameri (finless porpoise) can be found. The Setouchi Sea is one of the few places in Japan that is home to these Sunameri, as they can only survive in an environment with a high quality of water. The chances of encountering a Sunameri are slim, but we will be very lucky if we do happen to see one during our tour. Look out for the beautiful dorsal finless porpoise; Sunameri.

Okayama Korakuen Garden, the starting point for kayaking, is one of the of the most famous feudal gardens of the Edo period. After strolling Korakuen Garden, which conveys the atmosphere of the Edo period, we will take a leisurely paddle around the moat by kayak and enjoy the scenery of each of the four seasons. Seen from the river, the dynamic appearance of Okayama Castle, (also known as Ujo), is said to be as beautiful as the wet feathers of a raven.  Stones from Inujima in the Seto Inland Sea were said to be used for the  walls of Okayama Castle, brought to the site by the Asahikawa River. We too will travel along the Asahikawa River to the legendary island visited by Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan. Throughout the day, we trace by water the route from the Seto Inland Sea to Okayama Castle, following the ages from when Jimmu moved his capital east, right up to the Edo period.

Cruise by charter cruiser or yacht in the calm waters of the Setouchi Sea. We will head for Miyajima, home to Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site. We will enjoy our peaceful cruise through the islands of Enoshima, Etajima, and Kurahashijima, each with its own unique characteristics. On Etajima, we will meet local people who live a slow and moderate lifestyle, in sharing the values of a sustainable Setouchi.

Nihon Awa coral (Japanese green coral) is an organism that is very sensitive to the environment. Therefore, instead of using a powerboat, we will access their habitat by environmentally friendly and non-motorized sea kayak and observe them while snorkeling. We will experience the blessings of water by engaging Nihon Awa coral up close in one of the world’s largest Nihon Awa coral colonies, and receive inspiration for life from the passion of the local people who are passionate about environmental conservation activities.

The national park of Akiyoshidai was once the sea bottom 350 million years ago. You can picture this magnificent land’s connection with the now distant water in this trip back in time. You can even find fossils such as coral on this magnificent karst plateau, as you enjoy an exhilarating bicycle ride. At Akiyoshido Cave, one of the largest limestone caves in Japan and designated a special natural monument, we will enjoy caving on a special adventure course that is not part of the usual tourist itineraries, and experience the blessings of nature from the ground up.

Enjoy a fresh breakfast while basking the morning sun on from Panari’s terrace. At low tide, the bay’s unique wavy mudflat pattern spreads out before you. A short distance away from Panari is Chasou Ametsuchi, where we will learn about the history of Japanese tea and how to brew it, while comparing various Japanese teas in a relaxed atmosphere.

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