Japan’s Seasons

It’s often said that Japan is particularly noteworthy for its distinct and varied four seasons, each bringing a stark change in not only temperature and weather, but also in seasonal produce, flora and traditions as well. For this reason, the season during which you travel to Japan can have a considerable influence on what sort …

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Omotenashi – the Japanese concept for Hospitality, or something different?

Japanese people are very proud of many things that come from their country, and the concept of ‘omotenashi’ is most certainly one of them.  While ‘omotenashi’ may translate best as ‘hospitality’, its true meaning is far deeper and more detailed. Omotenashi is a way of life in Japan, focussed on always providing the best service …

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Matcha Green Tea

Have you heard of matcha? From cosmetics to frappuccinos and everything in between, the health benefits of Japan’s iconic green tea has helped it to become a firm favourite across the world.  While matcha may be a new concept to you, the rich-green powder made from ground tea leaves has actually been popular in Japan …

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Tattoos – Why can’t they become “just fashion” in Japan

From tribal designs and ancient runes to meaningful lyrics and memorable dates, chances are high that either you or someone close to you has at least one tattoo. These special, personal artistic adornments are incredibly popular in the West and have become increasingly common in modern years, yet there are still many countries and groups …

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Red-Light Legacy

Ornately-dressed women, discrete well-off businessmen, art, performance and slavery… The stories that surround Japan’s historic red-light districts may seem more like movie plotlines than anything else, but the truth of what occurred in these secretive streets inspired an important cultural legacy that continues even to this day.  Yoshiwara If you’ve ever watched the cult-classic 1927 …

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Japanese-inspired hobbies

If you’ve spent a lot of time at home so far this year, then chances are that you’ve probably grown a bit bored of some of the pastimes and hobbies that you usually enjoy. If that’s the case, why not take a break from normality and try some new, Japan-inspired activities instead? Calligraphy Calligraphy is …

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