Experience calligraphy using an Akama inkstone

3 hours


Price: ¥ 8,500 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Yamaguchi / Yamaguchi

3 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


The art of calligraphy is to write freely with a brush filled with ink. In this program, participants can experience calligraphy, which is considered an oriental form of art, using the Akama inkstone, a craft of Ube, a representative product of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Under the guidance of the instructor, who is also a calligrapher, visitors can not only write letters, but also experience the spirituality of calligraphy, which is based on the importance of “ma” (space), the Japanese spirit and the state of mind that is expressed in the letters.

We hope you will experience the fun of putting your favorite words on Japanese paper. You can also make a bookmark from your finished work to take home as a memento of your experience. After the calligraphy experience, enjoy a cup of green tea and o-hagi (rice cakes), a specialty of Kamata no Megumi, the venue for the event.

Experience Details

  • Calligraphy experience (up to postcard creation), light meal
    ※ If time permits, you can also enjoy unique Japanese cultural experience programs such as kimono dressing for free.

Price Per Person

8,500 JPY / person
※Price per person when participating with 4 people


The experience venue is at “Magura Fureai Center.” For lunch, please prepare at “Kaede Soba Village” (3 minutes on foot).

Included in the fee

  • Experience fee
  • Material cost
  • Food and drink
  • English guide


  • English

Event Duration

2 hours 30 minutes
(2 hours calligraphy experience, 30 minutes light meal and more)

Program Availability



1 – 10 people

Application Deadline

10 days before the tour date

Agent Name

Liberta inc.


9:00Meet at Kamata no Megumi
9:00 – 11:00Caligraphy Experience
11:00-11:30Breaktime with snack
11:30End of experience

Cancellation Policy

■ Fees in case of cancellation on behalf of the customer

  • 15 days before the tour start date: 10%
  • 7 days before the tour start date: 50%
  • From the day before the tour start date: 100%.

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