Flying Dragon Tour: Eight Deities Running Pilgrimage

3 hours

January to June
October to December

Price ¥ 8,250
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Tamana / Tamana

3 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Town running in the birthplace of Japan’s first Olympic marathon runner.
  • Visit a unique shrine dedicated to the deity of the body, praying for good health.
  • A rewarding running tour allowing participants to experience the unique spiritual and cultural atmosphere of the area while running.


Nagomi Town (Nagomi-machi) is the birthplace of Kinue Hitomi, Japan’s first Olympic marathon runner. Prayers will be offered to the deities of eyes, warts, stomach, sex and waist, teeth, life, ears, and limbs, accompanied by offerings. A mini-book for explanation and offerings will be presented as a gift.

Recommended Points

As an optional activity, a visit to the “Kinue Hitomi Birth Home Memorial Museum” is possible. The museum preserves an old private house built during the Meiji era, showcasing its history as a sake brewery. Additionally, after the run, participants can stop by “Mikawa Onsen Nagomi no Yu” for a bath and change of clothes. This hot spring features a large communal bath (400 yen per person) and family baths (50 minutes for 1600 yen per room).

Included in the fee

  • Running Guide Fee
  • Insurance Fee

Not included in the fee

Transportation costs to the venue, pickup for those who retire from the run.


English (Simple explanations provided in the leaflet)

Event Duration

3 hours + time for changing clothes

Available Options

  • Visit to the Kinue Hitomi Memorial Museum (300 yen per person)
  • Bathing at Mikawa Onsen Nagomi no Yu (400 yen per person)
  • Changing room rental (1000 yen per room per hour)

Meeting Point

Mikawa Onsen Community Center Parking (P)

Disbanding Point

Mikawa Onsen Community Center Parking (P)

Program Availability

January to June / October to December

Minimum Participants

3 to 20 people

Application Deadline

One month in advance


Course Overview

Distance14 to 17 kmDuration3 hours
Cumulative Elevation GainTarget Age Group16 years and older
Fitness LevelOther Qualifications

Cancellation Policy

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【Cancellation by Organizer (Provider Included)】 ► The content may be altered due to weather conditions or the condition of participants. In extreme cases, such as severe weather, if safety is a concern, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. ► Please note that partial abandonment of the set fee, joining the course midway, or refunds for the return journey cannot be provided.
Content 2
【Cancellation by Organizer (Including Service Providers) Based on Judgment】 ► In the event of inclement weather such as heavy rain or if it is anticipated, the experience will be canceled. In such cases, we will notify you by phone by the evening of the previous day. There will be no cancellation fee in this case.
Content 3
► In case of rain, there is a possibility of route or content changes. ► If severe weather is expected, or if it becomes difficult to conduct the tour safely due to sudden weather changes during the tour or customer health issues, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. In the event of tour cancellation based on the guide’s judgment before the tour, a full refund of the tour fee will be provided.

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