Flying Dragon Tour: Kodakayama Cultural Experience Hiking for Advanced

Intended Audience

Saturday / Sunday

Price: ¥ 11,000
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Tamana / Tamana

5 〜 6 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Enjoy a hike from Serpent Valley Park at the base of Mount Kodakayama, surrounded by evergreen trees, with an elevation difference of about 400 meters, and encounter birds and plants along the way.
  • On clear days, savor the sunset over the Ariake Sea and night views stretching to Kumamoto City.
  • Learn about “Satoyama,” the space where people and nature meet, as the guide explains the local lifestyle.
  • The return trip includes a night hike with headlamps.


In Japan, dragons are sometimes represented as snakes, and there’s a legend that a dragon resides in Serpent Valley Park. After ringing the “Flying Dragon Bell” at the inner sanctuary of the Rengein Tanjō-ji Temple, the hike moves to Serpent Valley Park, where you can enjoy a walk while following the trail of the dragon legend.

Recommended Points

In traditional Japan, living in harmony with nature was a fundamental aspect of life. This concept was especially prevalent in areas known as “Satoyama,” where people developed techniques to live off nature’s bounty without causing harm, a practice that continued until modern times. Mount Kodakayama, designated as a Kumamoto Prefectural Nature Park, features a forest of secondary natural vegetation and a bird sanctuary, exemplifying ongoing coexistence with nature. Visitors can experience Japan’s traditional views of nature and learn about the local way of life in these settings.

Included in the fee

  • Hiking Guide Fee
  • Interpreter Fee
  • Insurance Fee

Not included in the fee

Transportation costs to the venue


English (including interpretation fee)

Event Duration


Available Options


Meeting Point

Jagatani Park

Disbanding Point

Maruyama Campsite Trailhead

Program Availability

Saturday and Sunday

Minimum Participants

3 to 10 people (For groups larger than 11, please inquire)

Application Deadline

One month in advance


Course Overview

Implementation PeriodImplementation Time
March to JuneOctober to February
14:00 – 20:0014:00 – 19:00
  • During good weather, the trail activities are conducted during the time to enjoy the sunset and night views.
  • In case of rain or other adverse weather conditions, the duration may be shortened.
  • The event is not held from July to September due to the high temperatures, high humidity, and the prevalence of insects during that period.

<Course Overview and Target Audience>

Up to 10 people in a group will be accompanied by two navigators. The course will be adjusted according to the participants’ levels, season, and weather conditions.



<March to June>

Blue + Green Route on the Map

DistanceApproximately 13kmDurationAbout 6 hours
Cumulative Elevation GainApproximately 1000mTarget Age Group16 years and older
Fitness LevelExperience in trekking for half a day or longerOther QualificationsAble to walk carrying a 10kg load

<October to Februay>

Blue Route on the Map

DistanceApproximately 11kmDurationAbout 5 hours
Cumulative Elevation GainApproximately 900mTarget Age Group16 years and older
Fitness LevelExperience in trekking for more than half a dayOther QualificationsAbility to walk while carrying a 10kg load

<Apparel and Items>

You can purchase snacks and water on-site.

・Wear suitable for trekking (long sleeves and pants recommended due to insects)
・Trekking shoes or sneakers
・Backpack (over 20 liters)

Temperatures may drop below 10°C after sunset from March to June. Please prepare appropriate cold-weather gear.
Items to bring
・Rain gear (top and bottom)
・Water bottle
・Mobile phone and charging battery
・Headlamp and spare batteries
・Health insurance card
・Writing materials
・Cold-weather gear (windproof jacket, down jacket, gloves, knit cap, etc., according to the season)
・Insulated water bottle

* Please note that the program is subject to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

Each content provider who already has a cancellation policy in place will follow their existing policy. For new content providers in this program, the following cancellation policy proposal will serve as the basis for determining the policy while making adjustments as needed.

Content 1
【Cancellation by Organizer (Provider Included)】 ► The content may be altered due to weather conditions or the condition of participants. In extreme cases, such as severe weather, if safety is a concern, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. ► Please note that partial abandonment of the set fee, joining the course midway, or refunds for the return journey cannot be provided.
Content 2
【Cancellation by Organizer (Including Service Providers) Based on Judgment】 ► In the event of inclement weather such as heavy rain or if it is anticipated, the experience will be canceled. In such cases, we will notify you by phone by the evening of the previous day. There will be no cancellation fee in this case.
Content 3
► In case of rain, there is a possibility of route or content changes. ► If severe weather is expected, or if it becomes difficult to conduct the tour safely due to sudden weather changes during the tour or customer health issues, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. In the event of tour cancellation based on the guide’s judgment before the tour, a full refund of the tour fee will be provided.

<Content Pricing Information>

  • Selling Price:
    • The selling price is set to be the same for buyers, whether it’s through direct sales by content providers or sales via travel agencies.
  • Referral Fee:
    • The referral fee for sales via travel agencies is determined through discussions between content providers and travel agencies.
    • (Example) If the sales commission is 10%, the wholesale price is the selling price multiplied by 0.9.

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