Flying Dragon Tour : Kodakayama Training Experience & Trail Running [2 Nights 3 Days Course]

2 Nights 3 Days


Price ¥107,800
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Tamana / Tamana

2 Nights 3 Days

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Visit small shrines to pray for health and tour a sake brewery that uses local ingredients.
  • Meditate in special costumes at the Renkaiin Tanjoji Temple’s inner sanctuary, which prays for people’s well-being, and ring the world’s largest bell, the “Flying Dragon Bell,” to calm your spirit.
  • Enjoy trail running on a course acclaimed by professional athletes.
  • Experience Japan’s sustainable lifestyle in “Satoyama” living; cook rice in bamboo, and enjoy dishes and tea made with medicinal herbs.
  • Participate in swordsmithing and Iaido (sword drawing) at a Japanese sword workshop and learn about the Samurai spirit.


  • Short version of the deity tour and sake brewery visit.
  • Bath at a local onsen (hot spring) used by the residents.
  • Training experience at the Renkaiin Tanjoji Temple’s inner sanctuary.
  • Trail running on Mount Kodakayama.
  • Kappo rice and medicinal herb tea experience.
  • Japanese sword experience.

Recommended Points

  • The charm of this tour lies in enjoying both cultural and sports experiences on the same mountain, where you can feel the intimacy between human life and nature that has continued in Japan since ancient times.
  • As an effort towards SDGs sustainable tourism, the tour incorporates experiences that touch on the wisdom of cyclical living and traditional culture. It includes options to dine at restaurants using local and organic ingredients. For more details, please refer to the attached document.

Included in the fee

Eight Deities Tour Navigation Fee, Mikawa Onsen Bathing Fee, Training Experience Fee, Trail Running Navigation Fee, Kappo Rice & Herbal Tea Experience Fee, Japanese Sword Experience Fee, Meal Costs (7 meals)

Designated Accommodation

Please choose from two cooperating accommodation facilities listed on the attached sheet. Additional charges will apply.



Available Options

Dinner reservation, vegetarian, and vegan meal options

Meeting Point

Shin-Tamana Station, Tamana Station, Fukuoka Airport, etc.

Disbanding Point

To be decided upon consultation.

Program Availability


Minimum Participants

1 to 10 people

Application Deadline

One month in advance


人, 男, 少年, 子供 が含まれている画像




Level Options

You can choose from two courses, Beginner and Advanced, according to your level. Please select the appropriate course that fits each standard and apply accordingly.

Distance14 kmDuration5 – 6 hours
Cumulative Elevation GainApproximately 1150 metersTarget Age Group16 years and older
Fitness LevelTrail Running BeginnersOther QualificationsHalf Marathon within 5 hours
Distance15 – 20 kmDuration5 – 6 hours
Cumulative Elevation GainApproximately 1500 mTarget Age Group16 years and older
Fitness LevelComplete a 20km Trail RaceOther QualificationsFull Marathon within 5 hours


Please note that the program may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances.

Day 1

11:45Arrival at Shin-Tamana Station via Shinkansen (or pickup from Fukuoka Airport)
12:00Lunch at the Japanese restaurant “Chabudai”
13:00Travel by car
14:00Short version of the deity tour, sake brewery visit
16:00Travel by car
16:40Bathing at the hot spring
17:40Travel by car
18:00Arrival at the hotel

Day 2

8:30Breakfast on your own
9:00Departure from the hotel, travel by car
12:00Arrive at the Renkaiin Tanjoji Temple’s Inner Sanctuary, training experience (1 hour for the preliminary explanation and changing, 1 hour for the training)
12:10Ringing of the world’s largest bell, the “Flying Dragon Bell”
12:30Finish, changing clothes
13:30Lunch and free time
19:00Start of the trail running
20:00Return to the hotel by running

Day 3

9:30Breakfast on your own
10:00Check out, travel by car
12:00Kappo rice experience (cooking rice in green bamboo), herbal tea experience (being adjusted)
13:00Lunch and free time
13:30Travel by car
15:30Visit to the Japanese swordsmith workshop and Iaido experience at Matsunaga Japanese Sword Forging Factory
16:00Travel by car
19:00Arrival at Shin-Tamana Station

Note: the program may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

Each content provider who already has a cancellation policy in place will follow their existing policy. For new content providers in this program, the following cancellation policy proposal will serve as the basis for determining the policy while making adjustments as needed.

Content 1
【Cancellation by Organizer (Provider Included)】 ► The content may be altered due to weather conditions or the condition of participants. In extreme cases, such as severe weather, if safety is a concern, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. ► Please note that partial abandonment of the set fee, joining the course midway, or refunds for the return journey cannot be provided.
Content 2
【Cancellation by Organizer (Including Service Providers) Based on Judgment】 ► In the event of inclement weather such as heavy rain or if it is anticipated, the experience will be canceled. In such cases, we will notify you by phone by the evening of the previous day. There will be no cancellation fee in this case.
Content 3
► In case of rain, there is a possibility of route or content changes. ► If severe weather is expected, or if it becomes difficult to conduct the tour safely due to sudden weather changes during the tour or customer health issues, the guide may decide to cancel the tour. In the event of tour cancellation based on the guide’s judgment before the tour, a full refund of the tour fee will be provided.

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    • The selling price is set to be the same for buyers, whether it’s through direct sales by content providers or sales via travel agencies.
  • Referral Fee:
    • The referral fee for sales via travel agencies is determined through discussions between content providers and travel agencies.
    • (Example) If the sales commission is 10%, the wholesale price is the selling price multiplied by 0.9.

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