Ina Valley – Diverse Experience Tour – 2 nights, 3 days –

3 days 2 night

June~ September

Price: ¥ 99,000 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Nagano / Nagano

3 days 2 night

Activity Level

Technical Level


Enjoy this new adventure tour of the Ina Valley – one of the country’s better-hidden travel destinations, located between Japan’s Central and Southern Alps. Combining outdoor activities with historical local culture, the program has been selected by experts from this beautiful region. Participants of this tour can meet residents of the Ina Valley, paraglide in the area’s breathtaking natural beauty and experience local samurai and wabi-sabi culture.

Day 1 of the tour is focused on Japanese straw (wara) handcraft culture. Meet a devoted “wara-samurai,” who has dedicated his time to preserving the legacy of wara culture in this southern part of the valley. On Day 2, take to the skies with a paragliding instructor and marvel at the breathtaking panorama of the Ina Valley around you. On Day 3, visit the ruins of Takato Castle, and learn how the valley’s natural features were utilized for its construction. You can also learn about the lifestyles of local samurai, and the stonemasons who created Buddha statues employing the wabi-sabi philosophy – a fascinating windows into the valley’s people and unique terrain.

Price Per Person

99,000JPY ~ / person

Clothing/Wha to bring

Day 1:

  • Comfortable clothing (skirts not allowed)

Day 2:

  • Comfortable clothing (Long sleeve and pants required. Skirts and sandals not allowed) (Note: Clothes may get dirty)
  • Gloves

Day 3:

  • Rain gear
  • Soft drink (optional)

Customer Review

The stories of Mr. Sakai, a top Sumo ring craftsman, are splendid!

Day 2:
Excellent program and lunch! Location and facility were just perfect!

Day 3:
Although Takato Castle has no remaining buildings (unlike other well-known sites such as Osaka Castle), learning about a ‘real’ aspect of Japanese history was a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

Included in the fee

  • Guide fee
  • Translator fee
  • Entrance fees of visited facilities
  • Activity fees
  • Accommodation (2 nights)
  • Meals (2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 1 Dinner)
  • All travel from tour start point to finish

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to/from the meeting point
  • Insurance (please purchase travel insurance in your own country)
  • Anything else not specified (The bank transaction fee shall be covered by the customer.)




3 days 2 night

Age / Height:

6 yrs and above / 120cm tall

Meeting Point

JR Iijima Station (JR Iida Line)
(If you come by car, please park in the parking lot on the right.)

Disbanding Point

Takato Station (JR Bus)
30 mins by bus to JR Inashi Station

Program Availability

June~ September


4 – 8 people

Application Deadline

30 days in advance

Agent Name

Nagano Inadani Tourism Bureau


Day 1 : Meeting a Straw (wara) Samurai!

  • Due to the natural blessing of its climate and the meltwater from the surrounding alpine regions, Iijima Town is a renowned area of rice production. Here you will make a “shime-nawa” wreath from the straw that comes from the rice after it has been cut, under the guidance of Yuji Sakai, a “wara samurai” who makes the rope used in sumo rings for the national sport. Write your wish in your wreath and pray at a shrine for it to come true. Your wreath will be burned during the annual “Donto-yaki” ritual, which can be watched via social media.
  • The building used for the activity is a recreation of a magistrate’s office of the Edo Period. You can feel the historical presence of samurais, magistrates using the study, criminals being sentenced in court, and daily life from the past.
  • Prepare your own meal, a traditional Japanese set lunch, cooked in a historical Japanese kitchen on an irori hearth, with local women. Try tasting traditional natto wrapped in straw!
10:40Meet and greet at Iijima Station
10:40~10:50Walk to the Iijima Town History and Folklore Museum, “Iijima Jinya”
10:50~11:00Lunch preparation: prepare rice and ingredients
11:00~11:20View the museum
11:20~11:40Lunch preparation: start stove fire with flint
11:40~13:00Straw crafting with Mr. Sakai
13:00~13:20Lunch preparation: final steps
13:20~14:50Lunch* around an irori hearth
14:50~14:55Walk to Umeto Shrine
14:55~15:05Shrine visit and praying for straw craft
15:05~15:30Walk to Iijima Station (Stopping at a liquor store on the way)
15:30Arrive at Iijima Station
15:55Depart from Iijima Station
16:48Arrive at Ina Kita Station, check in at Finedays Hotel
(Participants make their own dinner arrangements in Ina City)



Activity Level


Activity includes about 30 minutes in total of walking on a flat, paved path.

Technical Level


Straw crafting requires some dexterity of the fingers, but the guide will help you with all the steps.


Room typeSingle room
Air conditioning
Washing facilities〇 (Public bath)
Other amenitiesTowel , Tooth brush, Yukata

Day 2:Paragliding in the Ina Valley!

  • Special program overseen by Yoshiki Kuremoto, Asia’s #1-ranked paraglider for 6 years.
  • A special plan to experience aerial sports that includes a self-maneuvering experience and a tandem paragliding flight.
  • Gliding up to 300m above the ground, in clear conditions you can enjoy wonderful views of Ina Valley and Japan Alps during the tandem flight. The instructor may even offer you the opportunity to take control.
  • Includes a commemorative photo from you flight and an upcycled windsock gift made from a used paraglider.
  • Spend a relaxing night as the guest of your charming host in a 100-year-old, traditional Japanese building in the satoyama area.
7:00Breakfast* (buffet), preparation, check out
9:00Depart from the hotel to ASOBINA by taxi
9:30Arrive at ASOBINA
9:30~9:45Break (Mt. Komagatake Peak)
9:45~11:30Paragliding Self-Maneuvering Experience
11:30~12:30Lunch* (spicy curry)
12:30~16:30Paragliding Tandem Flight (flight time about 15mins)
16:30Finish at ASOBINA, move to Inashi Station by taxi
17:00Arrive at Inashi Station
17:00~17:30Depart from Inashi station to Fukugami (free pick-up)
(For groups of 7 or more, taxis will be arranged.)
17:30Arrive at Fukugami, check in
18:30 ~Dinner* (Japanese course meals using local ingredients)


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Activity Level


  • Self-Maneuvering Experience: Strap into a 7kg paraglider and run down a gentle slope before gliding on your own a couple of meters off the ground.
  • Paragliding Tandem Flight: Wearing a harness attached to a paraglider, launch from the top of Mt. Hatobuki (altitiude 1,320m) after a 20m downhill run with the instructor.

Technical Level


The instructor will explain each step, so even beginners can enjoy this activity.


Room typeShared room with tatami floor
BeddingJapanese futon
Air conditioningN/A
Washing facilities
Other amenitiesTowel , Tooth brush

Day 3:Visiting the Natural Fortress, Takato Castle, and Experiencing Samurai Lifestyle

  • Walk around the compound of the site where Takato Castle formerly stood and learn how the surrounding natural environment was utilized for the construction of this natural fort. Although only its ruins now remain, Takato Castle is designated as one of Japan’s 100 most famous castles.
  • VR experience of the tragic history of Takato Castle and the fighting samurai.
  • Learn how natural features were used to build the castle.
  • Stamp of Takato Castle scarlet seal (go-jyo-in).
  • Visit museums and learn about samurai lifestyle, education, medicine, and more.
  • Feel the sense of “wabi-sabi” from Buddhist statues made by Takato’s Edo-era stone masons.
  • Lunch: a healthy lunch made from local ingredients in an old, traditional Japanese house.
7:00Breakfast* (Japanese style)
9:00Depart from Fukugami to Takato Station (free pick-up)
(For groups of 7 or more, taxis will be arranged.)
9:30Meet at JR Bus Takato Station
9:30~9:40Tour briefing
9:40~10:00Walk to Takato Town History Museum / valley view from a bridge
10:00~11:00Takato Town History Museum with VR experience
11:00~11:10Walk to Takato Castle Ruins Park
11:10~12:00Explore the castle ruins
12:00~12:05Walk to the samurai school, Shintokukan
12:20~12:30Walk the samurai route towards the castle
12:30~13:00Visit the historical house of an eye doctor for samurai
12:50~13:00Walk to Kenpukuji Temple
13:00~13:30Explore Kenpukuji Temple
13:30~13:35Walk to Tamakiya
13:35~14:20Lunch at Tamakiya(vegetarian option available)
14:20~14:50Shopping time in Takato Castle Town
14:50Finish at JR Bus Takato Station


Breakfast, Lunch

Activity Level


  • The course is about 4.6km in total (about 60 minutes of walking). From Takato Station to the history museum (about 20 minutes), the path is slightly uphill.

Technical Level


Please be careful on the stairs.

Cancellation Policy

■ Cancelation by the participant

  • Cancellation on or after the 20th day from the day immediately preceding the starting day of the tour: 20% of the tour price.
  • Cancellation on or after the 7th day from the day immediately preceding the starting day of the tour: 30% of the tour price.
  • Cancellation the day immediately before the starting day of the tour: 40% of the tour price.
  • In cases where the contract is cancelled on the starting day of the Tour: 50% of the tour price.
  • Cancellation after the start of the tour or the traveler does not participate in the tour without notice (no show): 100% of the tour price.

■ Cancellation at the discretion of the organizer

  • The itinerary may need to be changed or canceled after the tour starts. In this event, “itinerary change refunds” will be paid in accordance with a contract between you and us, except for reasons such as natural disasters.

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