Interactive Cultural Experience with the Tsunoyama Traditional Kagura Preservation Society

2 hours

By requset

Price: ¥ 135,000 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Kochi, Shikoku

2 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Experience Kagura, a traditional art form with a history of over 1000 years.
  • Through interacting with locals while wearing traditional costumes and playing instruments, you can immerse yourself deeply in the local culture.
  • Experience the authentic, traditional lifestyle of Japan, away from typical tourist spots.


Tsunoyama Kagura is a traditional dance offered to the gods for over 1000 years, praying for a rich harvest and well-being.

While Kagura is a ritual dedicated to the gods, the words imply inviting them to play together. This tradition has evolved into the local festivals we see today.

To preserve this cultural heritage, the Tsunoyama Traditional Kagura Preservation Society engages in various activities. In this interactive experience, held within a local shrine, participants can watch Kagura performances on a genuine stage, and learn the dance and how to play the instruments from society members.

Enjoy an evening reminiscent of ancient times, where gods and people play together.

Tour Details and Duration

  • Meeting at Kawauchi Gosha Jinja Shrine
  • Observing Kagura practice scenes (45 min.)
  • Interaction (participation in practice) (45 min.)
  • Watching the performance (30 min.)
  • Dispersal

Activity Level

  • No hard work, but you may need to sit on the floor.

Technical Level

  • No special skills are required.

Price Per Person

  • Japanese : 135,000 JPY
  • English : 160,000 JPY

Clothing/Wha to bring

  • Please come dressed in comfortable clothing.

Included in the fee

  • Experience fee
  • Beverages

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to and from the meeting and dispersal points
  • Insurance (please obtain international travel insurance in your home country)
  • Anything not included in “What’s Included” in this program. (Customers are required to cover bank transfer fees.)


English interpreter guide is optional.

Event Duration

About 2 hours

Age / Height:


Meeting Point

Kawauchi Gosha Jinja Shrine
(Kitagawa, Tsuno Town, Takaoka County, Kochi 785-0502)

Disbanding Point

Kawauchi Gosha Jinja Shrine

Program Availability

By requset


1 – 8 people

Application Deadline

two month prior to the tour date

Agent Name

Okushimanto Kochi
Kochi Pref. Governor Registered Travel Agency Type 3-139


19:00Meeting at Kawauchi Gosha Jinja Shrine
19:00-19:45Observing Kagura practice scenes
19:45-20:30Interaction (participation in practice)
20:30-21:00Watching the performance

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation due to customer’s convenience

  • 10 days to 2 days before the reserved date: 30%
  • the day before the reserved date: 50%
  • on the day of the reservation: 100%

■ Cancellation at the discretion of the organizer

  • In case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions such as storms, rainstorms, etc., or when such conditions are predicted, or in case of cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, we will notify you by the day before the cancellation. In such cases, we will contact you by phone by the evening of the previous day. In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged.

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