Make Your Own Postcard Using Japanese Washi Paper

6 hours

January ~ March

Price: ¥ 16,000 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Nagano / Nagano

6 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Explore the numerous tools that were once used (and some are still being used) inside this renovated building for the production of
    handmade washi (Japanese paper) postcards, as well as the large cauldron that is still used today for boiling kozo (mulberry tree bark)
    as part of this process.
  • The kozo and aibika (sunset hibiscus) that will be utilized for crafting handmade postcards have both been procured locally in Tadachi.
  • You may utilize your own preferred design when making your postcard.


The district of Tadachi, located in the verdant mountainous area of Nagiso in the southern Kiso Valley, has long been known as a center of papermaking utilizing washi (traditional Japanese paper).

According to available records, a papermaking trade had already been established in the area around 300 years ago. Papermaking in Tadachi generally took place during winter among those who were engaged during the rest of the year in rice and silkworm cultivation. Locally-harvested mulberry is first boiled in large pots, its bark peeled away, and the fibers finely untangled. Next, the roots of the flowering aibika (sunset
hibiscus) plant are used as a paste by squeezing out its liquid. The filtered paper is then dried in the sun, thereby producing the finished washi paper. At its peak around 100 years ago, around half of the households in the district were involved in the papermaking craft. Because it was a demanding task, however, and also due to the influence of Western-style paper and changing Japanese lifestyles, the local craft had completely vanished by the year 1983.

At the Tadachi Washi House, however, which was restored by the town government in 1985, the Association to Promote the Preservation of Tadachi Washi began passing down the craft to the younger generation, through initiatives such as that where local children create their own elementary school graduation certificates on washi paper.

Through this program, you will be able to create five of your own original postcards under the careful instruction of local washi papermakers who are members of this organization, in a beautiful setting where sunlight streams through shoji (folding screen) doors. We are certain it will be a memorable experience.

Activity Level

  • Because this takes place indoors, even those with limited physical fitness abilities will have no problem participating.

Technical Level

  • Crafting a handmade postcard requires a certain level of manual dexterity, but the guide will be on hand to offer careful instruction, so
    beginners may participate with no problem.

Included in the fee

  • English guide fee
  • Woodturing experience fee.

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to/from the meeting point
  • Insurance (please purchase travel insurance in your own country) Anything else not specified (The bank transaction fee shall be covered by the customer.)



Event Duration

About 6 hours

Distance / Elevation


Age / Height:

5 yrs and above

Meeting Point

Tadachi Washi House

Disbanding Point

Tadachi Washi House

Program Availability

January ~ March


3 – 12 people

Application Deadline

30 days in advance

Agent Name

Nagiso Town Tourism Association

Price Per Person


Clothing/Wha to bring

  • Clothing that is easy to move around in, particularly the arms (aprons will be provided free of charge)


Between 09:00 ~ 15:00
(The time can be arranged according to your request. The activity duration is approx. 120 min, depending on the total number of participants.)

Cancellation Policy

■ Fees in case of cancellation on behalf of the customer

  • 7 days to 2 days prior to the reserved date: 25%
  • One day prior to the reserved date: 50%
  • On the day of the reserved date & No-show: 100%.

■ Cancellation at the discretion of the organizer

  • In case of inclement weather, we will make a decision the previous day and notify you only if the program has been cancelled.
  • If the tour is cancelled on the day of the tour prior to the start of the program, nocancellation fee will be charged.
  • Depending on the weather conditions once the tour begins, the route may be changed or the tour may be cancelled. No refunds will be given in this case.

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