Explore, Experience, Enjoy

Explore, Experience, Enjoy

June may mark the start of the rainy season here in Japan, but we’re not letting it dampen our spirits. This month we’re focusing on exploration, adventure and experiences – including some special ideas that you can enjoy from a distance, no matter where you may happen to be.

Experience-Based Travel:

Demystifying the Terms Taking Over Tourism

Recently it seems that almost every tourism company in the world is using a similar set of phrases and ‘buzzwords’ such as ‘explore’, experience’ or ‘immerse’ on their website or in their tour descriptions.

These words, filled with the promise and excitement of a unique and enjoyable trip, seem to have taken over travel – but what do they really mean, and what makes these trips different from ones you’ve enjoyed before?

Experience-based travel can have a lot of advantages – not just for you, but also for the rural Japanese communities you visit. Find out more here.

Lessons from the Past:

Theatrical Traditions for the Modern Traveller

Everybody wants to be a pioneer, and the travel and tourism industry is often at the very forefront of exciting, world-changing innovation.

Yet while new technology and ideas are revolutionizing travel, there’s still plenty to be learned (and enjoyed) from the tried and tested traditions of the past.

Learn more about the traditional Japanese theatre and performances that we introduce to our clients on our blog.

Dream Now, Travel Later: How to Explore Japan at Home

Whether you’re still stuck at home or now attempting to navigate a new form of ‘normal’, chances are that it’ll be some time before you can start to freely travel and explore the world once more.

For those of you desperate to start your postponed or uncertain Japan adventure, waiting patiently is no doubt becoming a difficult task. That’s why we’ve compiled some ideas to help you experience Japan, wherever you are.

See what we suggest here.

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