Squeeze In For Spring Holiday

Squeeeeze in for the last minute Sakura! 

Your clients hasn’t missed the sakura (cherry blossom) yet!!

Mt. Bandai in Fukushima

Be there at the right time. A mountain full of surprise where you can ski and watch the Sakura at the same time.
The Sakura has just started to bloom here in Bandai. 3000 trees are waiting for visitors to arrive.

Exploring the Samurai Village at Kakunodate

stroll around the village where samurai has developed their culture around sakura

We have been having many requests from agents overseas, mentioning that they are trying to expand their destinations in/to Japan or they have already but need help creating the itineraries for their clients to keep up with the demand. 
Heartland Japan has increased the number of staff to accommodate these requests. If you are hand-full and need some advice, we are here to help. contact us from here noriko@heartlandjapan.com

If it is your first time working with us, we take steps before we start working on creating your client’s trip. We…

  1. set up an online meeting with the person in charge and explain how we work. We would only move forward until both parties understand each other’s company and agree on how it will proceed.
  2. then discuss our first client with you, their interest, arrival & departure date, requests, food restrictions, etc. This is usually done through email, but depending on their requests we occasionally ask for an online meeting or a call.
  3. Understanding the client’s requested trip, we would put together a suggested itinerary. From here, it’s a repeated process of revising and suggesting until the clients and the person in charge feel satisfied.
  4. We would sometimes go through the itinerary with the person in charge and the client to get a better understanding of the trip.

The below itinerary is one example in how we create itineraries for our clients. 

17 Nights 18 Days of Every Thing You Need! 

Authentic activities
Classic destinations

Sake tasting, Kabuki Performance, Onsen, Shirakawa-go, Wasabi tasting, Indigo dyeing, local food experience, cooking, walking, hiking, hand crafting, e-bike cycling, green tea tasting, learning Japanese culture from our special tour guide.
$5828/ person for 18 days 

Places to see, People to meet

Activities &workshops



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