An interview with our Senior Travel Consultant and activities of Liberta have been featured in the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Hello, we are Liberta Inc. (Heartland Japan).

We are pleased to announce that our Senior Travel Consultant, Hikaru Nishijima, was interviewed in the Yomiuri Shimbun’s feature “Economic Frontline: Strategies in Focus,” which also highlighted the activities of Liberta.

You can view the article here.

Featured Article: [Economic Frontline: Strategies in Focus] Liberta Nagano Branch – Senior Travel Consultant Hikaru Nishijima

Our company has been committed to destination development in Nagano Prefecture for many years.

In addition to developing experiential content for visitors and creating tours, we are dedicated to training guides and DMO staff.

While travelers from Asia tend to show a high interest in photogenic spots, gourmet food, pop culture, famous tourist destinations, luxurious experiences, and resorts, seasoned travelers from Europe, America, and Australia, who value adventure travel, tend to seek “authentic Japan” (authenticity).

For gourmet, they prefer local cuisine over mainstream dishes. Instead of pop culture, they are drawn to traditional performing arts and crafts. Rather than famous tourist spots, they seek out destinations known only to connoisseurs.

Instead of luxurious experiences, they seek experiences that hold personal meaning and significance. Over relaxation at resorts, they opt for challenges.

That is precisely why there is an opportunity in Japan’s countryside.

Our company recognizes the charms of the countryside that Japanese people may overlook.

The old traditional ways of life that the younger generation tends to undervalue.

The values held by our grandparents’ generation.

The rural outdoors, a natural environment that offers challenges and a sense of achievement through various activities.

We are passionate about globally perpetuating these regional values that, if neglected, might otherwise be lost, passing them down to the next generation.

The experiential content and tours that are created are taken over by our travel division. If the regional development department is the entrance, then the travel division is the exit. The products developed by the administrative consulting team (regional development department) are sold to the European, American, and Australian markets by the travel division, which actually brings visitors to the region.

It’s not just about creation; by actively selling to travelers on a daily basis, we realize the circulation of foreign currency within the region.

Currently, not limited to Nagano Prefecture, we are actively promoting tourism throughout every corner of the country, including Kyushu, Shikoku, the Chugoku region, as well as Kansai, Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido.

At the moment, we are extremely busy, thanks to everyone’s support, and we find ourselves in a situation where the work seems endless. There is a need to bolster our staff, and we are recruiting for our travel division staff with experience working in travel agencies, as well as those with consulting experience in the travel sector.

We are also open to coordinating local reception environment improvements and inviting monitor tours and FAM tours.

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The inbound tourism industry is shifting from a phase of learning to one of implementation. Let’s work together to revitalize the regions.

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