Interview with Keijiro Sawano was published in The Japan Times Alpha

The Japan Times published an article by President Sawano on November 17 in “The Japan Times Alpha,” a bilingual information paper. Sawano grew up in a fishing village in the San-in region of Yamaguchi Prefecture, but after moving to Tokyo and taking his first trip abroad (honeymoon) at the age of 30, he was awakened to international values. Since then, he gradually began practicing English and now uses English on a daily basis in his work. Although his vocabulary is not yet sufficient to express precise expressions and details, and cannot say that he is at a business level, believes that it is important to be open-minded when it comes to English.
He is not hesitant to speak English, but rather, he tries to communicate in his own way because he is not a native English speaker after all. This spirit has opened up the global market for us in the travel industry.


■ the japan times alpha’s article

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