Heartland Japan Featured in Iwate’s Daily Newspaper

Heartland Japan was recently featured in the November 8th edition of the ‘Iwate Nippō’ newspaper, reporting on a monitor tour that we recently carried out in Miyako.

The newspaper article covered our ride on a fishing boat, looking for Japanese scallops, as well as the port-side seafood BBQ that we then had the pleasure of attending.

In addition to this, we also had a chance to experience other fishing-industry related activities during our tour, such as an auction at the Miyako fish market and a boat adventure cruise. 

The contents of the tour were truly spectacular, including live performances such as Kuromori Kagura and a traditional sword dance that was once performed by Samurai as an act of worship. There was also an opportunity to take an ‘Adventure Walk’ through Iwaizumi’s Ureira shopping street, meeting the local shop owners and learning more about what they sell. 

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