Released all 15 videos of the Setonaikai National Park series

We are operating the inbound travel business and farm stay business,in addition, are operating creative production business as well. We will continue to accelerate the fusion of creativity, travel, and farm stays in order to convey the charm of Japan to the world and give it an experience.

As part of this, we are currently focusing on video production and disseminating information using social media and newsletters.

The theme this time is “Setouchi”.

The Setonaikai National Park is the first and largest national park in Japan. Setouchi has a lot of value, and we think there are some ways to appeal to the world in the future.

A microcosm of the history

Ancient Shinmu Tosen, Genpei Battle, Warring States Period(sengoku jidai), Murakami Pirates, Kitamae-bune, Meiji Restoration, Japan-Russia War, World War II, High Economic Growth, etc. If you come to Japan, you can get a glimpse of all the changes in Japanese history.

Slow life

Slow time is flowing in Setouchi. The hearts of people who are perfect for the word “living reasonably well” are alive.


Rich in wildlife and natural resources, including sunameri, horseshoe crabs, tidal flats, and migratory bird crossings. In addition to cycling roads, there are trails along the bay, which are great for people who like mountain walking.


Naoshima is an island known for contemporary art so much. In addition, there are resources for contemporary art such as Inujima and Ube Biennale, Bizen-yaki, Miyamoto Musashi(samurai martial artist, thinker, strategist, ink painting artist), Okayama Castle, Fukiya’s Bengara townscape, Takehara’s historical townscape, Hiroshima castle, historic townscape of Yanai, Kintaikyo Bridge, etc. There are also abundant traditional Japanese art resources in the area.

This time, we have produced a video to appeal the resources of Setonaikai (Setonaikai National Park, Setouchi) to the world. We will continue to dig up these unknown treasures of Japan and disseminate their appeal to Japan and the rest of the world. Please subscribe to our channel.

1. Kujira-jima cruising and glamping

2. Ushimado Water Trail Kayaking

3. To meet with Miyamoto Musashi

4. River Kayaking in Okayama

5. Takehara History Walk

6. Etajima Short Homestay

7. Tobishima Kaido Cycling

8. Tobishima Kaido Walking

9. Hiroshima city SUP adventure

10. Hagi Okan Walk

11. Sea kayaking in Suo Oshima

12. Gagaku by the beach in Ube

13. Bird watching and Tidal flat walking

14. Akiyoshidai Karst Plateau Cycling

15. Akiyoshido Caving

Local resources are being forgotten by the Japanese. A wasteful resource whose value is overlooked by the Japanese. The reality is that foreigners are more pleased with the value than the Japanese. We will continue to break through these gaps between the world and Japan and create a society that loves this unique region of Japan, with no separation between Japanese and foreigners.

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