Visit to the Shugendo Training Ruins of Sekiyama Shrine of the Sacred Mt. Myoko

1.5 hours


Price: ¥ 4,200 above
(tax included)

Guided / Self-guided

Start / Finish
Niigata / Niigata

1.5 hours

Activity Level

Technical Level


  • Enjoy the knowledgeable explanations of a friendly local guide.
  • Enter the main shrine building, which is normally closed to the public, and view the treasures and relics of the mountain of worship.
  • Stamp of Sekiyama Shrine seal (go-shu-in).
  • Symbolic experience in Hozo-in garden of climbing a tribute to Mt. Myoko (including a climbing certificate!)


Mt. Myoko has long been considered a sacred mountain where spirits live, as well as a place of worship and for “Shugendo” religious training. Visitors to the tour will be guided on a visit to the Sekiyama Shrine, a shrine for Mt. Myoko that is accessible to the residents of its neighbourhoods, to retrace the footsteps of Shugendo pilgrims. In the heyday of the Sekiyama Shrine, it had a complete 7-structure compound, with about 70 lodges for pilgrims. However, in the late 16th century, it was burned down by Nobunaga Oda, a samurai warrior. Later, during the Edo Period, the shogunate redesignated the shrine as a centre of authority for the surrounding area, and it became the organising body of rituals and public projects, with responsibility for the maintenance of public order. Also during this era, there was annually one day designated when worshippers were permitted to climb Mt. Myoko. Legend says that up to 1,200 people could make the ascent from the Hozo-in (managed by Sekiyama Shrine) to the summit of the mountain to raise their village banners and blow a conch shell. Visitors today can see the historical Buddhist stone statues and other stone monuments of the Shinto shrine while admiring the “shakkei” of the Hozo-in garden (designated a site of natural scenic beauty) which incorporates the view of Mt. Myoko as part of its scenery.

Activity Level

  • N/A

Technical Level

  • Please watch your step!

Customer Review

The explanations given by our friendly and knowledgeable guide gave us a real flavor of Japan’s past, and a sense of the historical context and value of this spiritual site.

Price Per Person

4,200 JPY

Clothing/Wha to bring

  • Rain gear

Included in the fee

  • Guide fee
  • Translator fee
  • Shrine stamp and climbing certificate

Not included in the fee

  • Transportation to/from the meeting point
  • Insurance (please purchase travel insurance in your own country) Anything else not specified (The bank transaction fee shall be covered by the customer.)



Event Duration

About 1.5 hours

Age / Height:

No restriction

Meeting Point

Sekiyama Shrine
(15 minutes’ walk from Sekiyama Station)

Disbanding Point

Sekiyama Shrine

Program Availability



5 – 20 people

Application Deadline

30 days in advance


Customer’s desired time after 9:30Meet at Sekiyama Shrine
Shrine and garden tour (90 mins)
Finish at Sekiyama Shrine

Cancellation Policy

■ Cancelation by the participant

  • 5 to 7 days prior 20%
  • 2 to 4 days prior 30%
  • Day before 50%
  • Same day/No show 100%

■ Cancelation based on provider’s decisions

  • If stormy weather is forecasted, the activity may be canceled. In this case, contact will be made by the evening of the day before and there will be no cancelation fees.
  • If the weather becomes bad after the activity starts and it is determined that the activity cannot continue, the activity will be changed or canceled. In this case, no refund will be given.

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