Hokkaido, located in the northern region, is the second largest island of Japan. Famous cities in Hokkaido include Sapporo, Kushiro and Furano. It is also home to the active volcano, Mt. Asahi.

Hokkaido is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the North Pacific Ocean, and is therefore famous for its delicious cold-water seafood and fish markets – this makes for a great and popular experience amongst foodies. Crab, squid and scallops are some of the more popular seafood found in the area.

The island is perfect for outdoor lovers: its extreme weather conditions attract many skiers and snowboarders during the winter, whilst cyclists and hikers enjoy Hokkaido just as much in the summer months. The many mountains, forests and lakes – such as Niseko – mean the region is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning rural landscape, which make these activities all the more enjoyable. Notable hiking trails include Mt. Meakan or Mt. Rasu.

Hokkaido also provides for a great cultural experience as it is home to the indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu, with an estimated population of just over 24,000. You can find out more about their unique customs and traditions, such as their seemingly brutal hunting methods or their worship of fire. Some of the more popular-amongst-tourists spots on Ainu culture include Lake Akan Ainu Kotan and the Shiraoi Porotokotan.

Tours in Hokkaido

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