“Hakodate City” Selected as one of Attractive Cities in Japan, is Hot Now!

Well, everyone, we had the pleasure of attending ATWS in Hokkaido, Japan in September. First time attendees and regulars alike came together, new relationships were formed, and over 200 participants from around the world shared current tourism conditions, the latest trends in tour guiding, and the latest research on sustainability at the Sapporo Convention Center. These four days were extremely productive as new connections were made. To all of you who made new friends and friendships, we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

Therefore, we are pleased to introduce the tour of Hakodate City, located in Hokkaido, the host city of the ATWS.
Hakodate is a fascinating city which increasingly attracting attention after its official announcement of Jomon ruins being registered as a World Heritage Site two years ago.
The city of Hakodate has many attractions, breathtaking views from the city’s symbol, Mt. Hakodate, a blend of Japanese and Western style streetscapes, fresh seafood, ancient history, and abundant nature.
The Michelin Green Guide Japon, a Japanese travel guidebook, lists more than 30 tourist attractions in Hakodate.

Everyone, let’s tell the world that Japan has so many attractive places to visit!

Introduce Hokkaido Hakodate Tours, Hot Right Now!

We are sure that everyone who participated in the ATWS was enthralled by the charms of Hokkaido, with its delicious food, beautiful nature, and warm local people.

We are pleased to introduce a tour of Hakodate City, which was registered as a World Heritage Site two years ago and is located in Hokkaido, the host city of the ATWS.
The city of Hakodate has many attractions. The breathtaking view from the city’s symbol, Mount Hakodate, Hakodate’s blend of Japanese and Western styles, fresh seafood, ancient history, and nature abound.

We invite you to experience the splendor of Hakodate!

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Amazing Views and Deep History

| Learning from Ancient “Sustainable Lifestyles” for Modern Lives

The culture of the Ainu people, one of the roots of the Japanese people, is still alive in Hokkaido, and here in Hakodate there are remains of the Jomon people, the ancestors of the Ainu people, and two years ago these remains were registered as a World Heritage Site. Why did the Jomon period last for more than 10,000 years and establish Japan’s prehistory?
Here is the truth about Japan’s history and culture, of which it is proudly rich.

| Mt. Hakodate, the symbol of the city

The town’s symbol, Mt. Hakodate, is one of the three best night views in Japan, with a “superb view” listed as three stars in the “Michelin Green Guide Japon”, which introduces the attractions of various regions of Japan.
Be sure to see for yourself the breathtaking view that can only be seen here.

| Great food, exciting activities, and hot springs to relax your body and soul

Hakodate in winter can enjoy a wide range of exciting winter activities from December to March!
After the activities, enjoy a refreshing and relaxing time in a hot spring bath to relax your body and soul.
In addition to the fresh seafood dishes that can be enjoyed only in this port town, local delicacies such as ramen, yakitori, and hamburgers made with local ingredients are also popular.

What other areas Heartland can Offer…

│Feel the history and nature of Hagi City

Hagi City is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This city is known for its natural surroundings and its thriving agriculture and fishing industry.

NHK’s nationally broadcast program (broadcast on June 26, 2023) “Japan’s Strongest Castle Special” introduced the historical castle ruins in Hagi City (Hagi Castle Ruins and the town around the castle), and featured “Hagi Castle Ruins and Hagi”!

Noriko Oshima, a travel consultant with Heartland Japan, introduced “Hagi Castle Ruins and Hagi Castle Town” in this program.

She is extremely proud of the contribution she was able to make to the local community.

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