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・Top News: Heartland JAPAN Field Trips
・NEW Tour! Mt Minobu Spiritual Tour
・This Week’s Soundbite Review
・News Roundup
・Upcoming Events
・About Heartland JAPAN

Greetings from the Heartland JAPAN Newsletter Editor!
My name is Niki and I am the Editor for the fortnightly newsletter from Heartland JAPAN. Find out all about what the Heartland JAPAN team have been getting up to recently!

Top News: Heartland JAPAN Field Trips

Over the past few weeks, the Heartland JAPAN team have been on a handful of field trips with the purpose of improving current trips and developing new ones! 

Oku-Izumo: Anni spent four days in Oku-Izumo and the surrounding areas of Shimane Prefecture to experience the abundance of rich culture and traditions in this region! Lush green rice fields, historic villages, sake breweries, traditional crafts and performances – Shimane Prefecture has so much to offer that we couldn’t fit it all in our Izumo, Iwami Ginzan & Gonokawa River Trail. So we are hoping to expand our trips in this area so that you too can experience more of what Shimane has to offer! 

Aso: Miki and Keiji visited the Aso region of Kumamoto Prefecture for the day. Aso has many myths and legends related to the magnificent Mt Aso volcano. We would love to share these with you and are currently developing a new project that compliments our Aso Walking Tour, to bring Aso to the inbound market! Stay tuned!

New Tour: Mt Minobu Spiritual Tour

Mt Minobu can be found two and a half hours away from Tokyo and next to Mt Fuji. On our Mt Minobu Spiritual Tour, you can find out all about this holy pilgrimage destination. Over three days, you will walk the path of pilgrims, stay at a shukubo (Buddhist temple), enjoy a jikabuki performance, try your hand at writing Buddhist scriptures…and much more! 

This Week’s Soundbite Review

“The visit to the crater was excellent, that should be a global destination rather than just one in Japan.” – D.G.

Everyone that we’ve taken up to Mt Aso’s Nakadake Crater on our Aso Walking Tour has highly enjoyed the awe-inspiring scenery!

*Currently Nakadake is closed due to volcanic activity, however, there are fantastic hiking trails throughout the caldera from which to enjoy Aso’s fantastic natural landscapes!

News Roundup

Matsue is renowned for its castle and the picturesque canals that run through the city. Close to the start of our Izumo, Iwami Ginzan and Gonokawa River Trail tour, this destination can be added to the beginning of a customised version of the tour!

Find out more about this wonderful town here:

Explore Takayama through the eyes of a local! Learn all about the charms of this town found in Gifu Prefecture.

Photo: Tokyo Weekender
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Upcoming Events

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About Heartland JAPAN

We at Heartland JAPAN believe that travel can be a life-changing experience and the means for inspiration. We are a travel company that provides custom and group soft adventure travel tours to off-the-beaten-track locations across Japan. Our mission is to give travellers an insight into authentic Japan. Participants have the opportunity to meet locals, visit historically and culturally important sites, take part in hands-on activities, try regional products and cuisine, as well as enjoy hiking through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful nature Japan has to offer. For more information, please visit our tours website.

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