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Heartland JAPAN on the New Zealand Herald

Read about the UNESCO World Heritage town of Iwami Ginzan and what Heartland JAPAN is doing to promote the area in the New Zealand Herald! “With more tourists expected, especially in the next few years as the Rugby World Cup (2019), Tokyo Olympic Games (2020) and World Masters Games (2021) encourage even more visitors, the...

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Heartland JAPAN on the Japan Times

—Heartland Japan is a new tour operator hoping to draw foreign tourists beyond the three most popular cities — Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo — and give them an “authentic” local experience, so they can learn about Japan’s culture. Launched in March last year, the company offers a walking tour of the Aso volcano in Kumamoto...

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Heartland JAPAN on the INTERNATIONAL Traveller

How to see a side of Japan that tourists are yet to discover —Tokyo-based startup tour operator Heartland JAPAN is leading the way in the exploration of sustainable travel destinations, positioning itself as the oh-so-necessary provider for inbound visitors wishing to journey off the beaten track.— Click the link below to read the full article:

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Heartland JAPAN on the Carpediem Our Way

Quotes from original article… Visiting Izumo We arrived into Izumo Airport, a rather small and local airport and were quickly brought to a microbus for our 4 day trip. With 8 others, I was a guest of Heartland Japan, a local operator who is bringing foreigners into emerging markets like Shimane Prefecture. We visited Tachikuekyo Gorge and a...

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Heartland JAPAN for Sustainable Tourism Focus

Japan spreads MICE visitorship through sustainable tourism focus —In response to this movement, Keijiro Sawano, CEO and founder of ground operator Heartland Japan – when interviewed by VJTM – indicated that the company has just launched a 6D5N tour in rural Hiroshima Prefecture. The tour revolves around exploring natural landscapes, meeting local people and trying...

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Heartland JAPAN on the Toyo Keizai online

Will Japan’s Epic Tourism Boom Go Bust in the Coming Years? —Perhaps, due to Japan’s epic tourism boom going bust in the coming years, the onerous responsibility for attracting more tourists to the prefectures will eventually fall on the private sector. Indeed, lately there have been a number of companies like Oku Japan or the...

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